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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Guide to Holiday Gift Giving

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher what to get your significant other around the holidays. Especially if you all have not been dating long or don't officially have a title. So we decided to help you out by breaking things down by how many months or years you all have been dating.

No Title:

Don't get shit. Period. Point. Blank. If you have the urge to spread some holiday cheer do something thoughtful. Do not exceed $20.

1-6 months:

Do not exceed $50. Although things may seem like they can last long term, the verdict is still out. You also want to leave room for growth in your relationship. If you start off spending a lot of money in the beginning the natural time progression projects the gifts are supposed to get more meaningful and in most cases (99% of cases) more expensive. It is also suggested that you do not buy your significant other things that they could use with another person. For example, at this stage it is ill advised to get your man/woman a $50 gift certificate to Macaroni Grill. It is quite possible you all could break up (or if they have a side piece) and your man/woman could use your money to take their new love interest out to eat.

Also take into consideration that discounts do not apply. If you work somewhere where you get a discount do not think it's appropriate to give your significant other a $120 gift because with your discount it is $60, it is true they may know you get a discount at whichever place you work but it is still over doing it. Another example, if you received a blue tooth last year that you have not used (brand new, still in the box) that retails for $120 do not give that to your significant other as they do not know that you spent little to nothing on it and it is assumed you bought it for the full retail price.

Do not get your significant other a series of things that add up to the allotted $50. This too can be consider over doing it.

7 months- year:

Do not exceed $200. At this stage it is good to stay in tune with things your partner says they want or need meaning the gifts should be more thoughtful. These gifts should indicate that you pay more attention to your mate as a person. For example, you man/woman is a movie buff and because you know that you put two and two together and bought him/her a year subscription to netflix. Yet another example, you notice every time your man pulls out his wallet it is raggedy, you also know that he likes Marc Jacobs. Put two and two together and buy him a new Marc Jacobs wallet...the gift reflects observation and knowledge of the person.

In addition, you all should be on the same page as far as gift items (i.e. someone should not be spending $200 and the other person is thinking $50).

It is also a not a bad idea to ask what this person wants for Christmas. While you know this person well you do may not fully know what it is that they want. A easy way to do this is to ask your mate to write down 5 things that they want and tell them you will pick on or a few.

2 years+:

Money is no longer an issue (within reason). Although you guys are pretty solid, you guys are not married (if you are married discontinue reading). Do not put yourself in a predicament where you are taking on a second job to buy a gift or buying things that you would be upset that the person got to keep if they walked out on you tomorrow.


  1. I don't think you should go into any relationship thinking it will end but then again it is 2010.

  2. What if you get your significant other a gift (let's say a bracelet) and she doesn't accept it ?


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