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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is There a Such Thing as Being "Situationally" Gay?

There are a lot of double standards in today's society about being gay or bisexual when it comes to men and women and even situations. I heard a term recently called being "situationally" gay...is this even a real term that can be used? If someone was ever gay are they always gay? Why can't men be bisexual but girls can be in our society? So below we have created a list of things in which we heard the phrase "situationally" gay could apply. We want homosexual and heterosexual people to comment on this one because there are opposing view points and we think everyone should be able to understand, hear, and entertain thoughts from both sides of the spectrum.

1. Prison:

If a man or woman is in prison and has sex with someone of the same sex does that make them permanently gay or situationally gay? It could be argued that a person in jail who engages in sex with a member of the same sex is only situationally gay if they are doing 10 to life. What about if they were only in jail for 2 years? I know a lot of you are going to clap back with "hell naw! having sex with another man/woman is gay! I don't care how long you are up in there!"...until I saw this special about rape in prison.

See the video feed below:

So if it came down to your safety, health, life, or having to be kept in solitary confinement versus engaging in gay sex would you honestly say "Naw that's gay?"

2. Women/Men Who Went Through Bad Relationships with the Opposite Sex:

People can go through self discovery at any point in their life, but when a person is dating someone of the same sex as a result of several failed attempts with the opposite sex I have heard that the phrase "situationally gay" can apply here. Personally I feel this classification makes a lot of sense (whether it's right or wrong is another topic all together). If a person is truly gay (in all senses of the word) and someone ask them "why are you gay?" I would think they would say "because I like women." I would not think they would retort "because these men/women out here aren't shit."...how is that a reason? Is it a good reason? Does the term actually apply here?

3. People Who View Having Sex with the Opposite Sex as "Just Sex."

In Tyler Perry's latest movie "For Colored Girls" and in the book by J.L. King entitled "On the Down Low" it was explained that some people either do no identify themselves as being gay or consider themselves "situationally gay" if they have no intent on pursuing a romantic relationship with a member of the same sex but only pursuing sexual encounters. Most times you hear these types of stories associated with me. However, why is it that often times in our society men are not allowed to wear the "bisexual" hat? It is almost fashionable and definitely more acceptable now days for a woman to be bisexual but why are men not allowed to wear the same hat?

Digest all of this...

...What do you guys think?

Can a man be bisexual? Does the term "situationally gay" need to be thrown out the window?

Is There a Such Thing as Being Situationally Gay?
Not sure
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  1. The videos are disturbing. These guys think once they are on the outside its a new life and they can leave that shit behind! smh

  2. That situationally gay shit is nonsense. If u need a nut, den jack off. If I were in prison, ima attempt suicide before I attempt a dick in my butt

  3. I would say no such thing as being situationally gay until I saw these videos about jail and rape in jail. I mean could someone seriously jack off for the rest of their life? Could someone get ate out for the rest of their life only? I dunno


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