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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When Being a Good Friend Goes Bad: Results of Telling Your Friend About Her Man

We've all heard the term "Chicks before Dicks"...sadly...many of you have learned or will learn the hard way that 90% of females don't really believe that shit *kanye shrug*.

Here are the results of being what you think your homegirl views as being "a good friend"

1. She's Gonna Think You're A Hater (Especially if You Are Single):

Women act and think with their emotions when they are in love. She is so emotionally wrapped up in her situation that she can not rationalize why you are really telling her this information. If you are single her rationalization is that you are a hater who can't get a man, you want her man, you want your friend's time back, or that you are miserable and as the saying goes, "misery loves company." In this emotional state she some how forgets all the things you have done over the years to prove that you are a good friend with her best interest at heart. It's one thing to hear information from an acquaintance about your man but a whole other entity to hear it from a best friend or good friend...however...she can't rationalize this...

2. She's Gonna Stay With Him Anyway:

Sadly a lot of women pop off at the mouth with "I wish he would!" and "If my man ever did that it's a wrap!" However in reality when you approach her with any incriminating or negative information about her man she will do one of two things:

A. Defend him like he's in court and she is his attorney (which is partially honorable, but stupid when solid facts are being given) or make up excuses for his actions.

B. Be very grateful for the information in your face, but behind closed doors she will tell others about your "hating" ass and start acting funny. She may even talk about how she is going to leave him...but we all know in 2 weeks time they will be back together.

3. You May Lose A Friendship:

She's probably gonna pick him over you anyway. It doesn't matter how long you've known each other, women get VERY offended when you tell them about their man.

Maybe this is partially because their is a shortage of men to women in the city you live in so she feels she needs to cling on to whatever man she has? Maybe she's a girl who needs a man to validate her? Maybe good men are hard to find so she isn't gonna let one slip away...no matter how trifling he may be? Most likely she is in love and women think and act with their emotions when in love while men still have a level of rationality when making decisions in a relationship. If you think your friend is the 10% that will be grateful you told them about their man...try it...but know that 9:1 is a horrible ratio....sorry...

Would You Tell Your Friend If You Knew Her Man Was Up to No Good?
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No...I don't want to risk our friendship
It's none of my business
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  1. I would say more like 99% of women can't deal with another woman telling her about her man. I tried to be a "good" friend and that's how I lost friends. Dont' do it ladies

  2. what up ladies it's K. Loyalty and love is what i live by. True friends should always tell their friends wat they know and in return the friend should listen take advice and not snitch. women have a serious issue with this. deep down inside a person always knows when a person is being genuine or hating. if it means you might loose a friend then 9 times out of 10 it is for the better. i am the type of person that can't fuck wit someone if i can't be 100% with them. so our relationship as friends will deteriorate regardless if i don't speak my heart so... remember Loyalty and Love!


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