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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

You're NOT Wifey Material Because...

1. You Are Just So Damn Fine (and that's it):

Face it, looks can bag you a man, get you free drinks, get you...well just about anything if used properly (and we mean that in a non slutty way) but it takes more to keep a man. Being pretty but yet boring does not keep a man and will not ALONE make a man wife you...at least not for the long haul.

2. You Have No Real Goals:

You have no real goals, dreams, or aspirations of you own besides being wifed by the perfect rich, tall, dark, and handsome man and owning a pair of YSL pumps. You align your goals along with those of a man...but you do not have any real one's of your own. You have no ambitions, aspirations, 5 year plan, career goals, or anything to make you a person with a life outside of your relationship...therefore he's not wifing you for the long haul.

3. You Are TOO Cool:

We agree that a good and the best relationships are based off of friendships...at the end of the day you should be your mates friend but there is a time when you are trying too hard to be the "cool" girlfriend. Perhaps your man can walk all over you or treat you however, perhaps when he ask you to jump you ask "how high?" every single time, perhaps you allow him to have an open relationship, you are down with having threesomes, letting him fuck other girls, etc....yeah he's probably not that serious about you...sorry...

4. You Demand Things of Men You Date That You Yourself Do Not Have:

If you are not working towards some sort of goal, you can not demand for a man who is sensitive, making 6 figures, with a townhouse in buckhead that's fully furnished, fine, driving a BMW, has good credit, and has no kids, and works out with a chisled 6 pack if you yourself are a waitress, with a sloppy body, 3 baby daddies, credit you couldn't even get a pink baby phat card with, and a marta pass....where they do that at?...he's not wifing you...sorry...

5. You Walk In The Dating Arena With Too Much Baggage and Too Many Expectations Too Soon:

If you have not healed from your last relationship (we think a year is best) don't even try to get into anything serious...it's not gonna work out...you'll lose yourself in it...and he is NOT wifing you for the long haul and definately not dealing with all your baggage and bullshit. In addition don't walk into date 3 talking about "Can I meet your mom?"....yeah...you are on level 10 we need you to bring it to level 2.

6. You Are Selfish In Bed:

The ugly truth is that 50% of what makes the relationship satisfying for most men is sex. While doing things that make you uncomfortable are not a good look do realize that no man wants to eat you out for hours only for you to blow air on his penis (if that some of you don't even give head which is a tragedy), do missionary position, all while have a hairy vagina and legs, and then roll over and go to sleep once every 2 weeks. Sorry...he's not wifing you long term...

7. You Guys Are Sex Based:

You don't know much about him except his favorite positions and he doesn't know much about you except how your butt looks while jiggling as he hits it from the back. In addition you reward him with sex for bad behavior...he knows he just needs to say a little sorry anytime he messes up and he's back in your panties. No deeper connection between yall has ever been made, no conversation, no dates outside of his/your room...sorry...this ain't going anywhere past the bedroom and your vagina walls...he's not wifing you.

8. You Want The Wrong Man at the Wrong Time:

Why on earth would you attempt to make something pop off with a man who just moved to your city a week ago?! He's definatley NOT trying to wife anyone...he's trying to see what's out there. Why are you trying to wife a man who just got signed to the Saints? Why are you trying to wife a man who just got his first 6 figure job? He is trying to live it up, meet people, pull all the girls he never could with his new found wealth or whatever...not settle down...sorry...it's true...he's not wifing you.


  1. 9. You let your friends decide what happens in your relationship/life

    10. Your an Irrational Thinking

    11. You act crazy with that Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde syndrome

  2. I can't handle it! "With credit you couldn't get a pink baby phat card with" That shit is hilarious on overdrive!

  3. she also said marta pass. Atliens know what that's about

  4. I hope this is coming from ppl that have a man, b/c there is no way you know about relationships when you really don't know what it takes to keep a man or have one...

  5. Luckily for you anonymous at 1:59 this is! It also doesn't take rocket scientist to know that all the above mentioned is NOT going to get you wifed long term.

  6. first i love this blog & i love this post U all b speakin some real. second 2 anonymous @ 1:59 what does having a man have 2 do with this post? U sound like a hater 2 me. Prob guilty of one of the points listed in this article. Bitches r so dumb

  7. wat up ladies this is K, my biggest problem with women is #2. and it's simply cause i'm driven and i would like my woman to be as well. also anonymous @1:59 has a point, if you ain't had a man for more than a year or two you are not qualified on certain issues (don't jump me) LOL!


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