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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This Week in Videos/Music

Lil' Mama gets booed off the stage....yeah...your lip gloss ain't poppin no more boo! Ya'll can't tell me that Lil' Mama ain't bow wow with a wig on...*kanye shrug*

All bad Lil' Mama...all bad....

Wale goes HAM on a Baltimore radio station about them stiring up fake "beef"

Alicia Keys dropped a new single with Eve called Speechless...listen to it below

Alicia Keys - Speechless ft. Eve by MusicAndWei

Please Eve stay on it because I'm sick of hearing Nicki Minaj on every song...it's seriously killing me...

Suge Knight arrested in Tupac's death?! 14 years later?! Is this a real news segement? What do yall think?


  1. Can lil'mama plz sit the fuck down?

  2. I heard that Tupac video is old footage dubbed over something else. I think it may be fake


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