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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medical Breakdown of Death by Crucifixion

Happy Easter everyone! While some of my readers may not be religious at all, believe in a different God, or may be more religious than spiritual, I must say, the concept of someone dying for people he has never met is the most selfless act. I have gained more appreciation for this act after I did medical research of what happens during crucifixion and how this ultimately causes the person being crucified to die.

1. The person is generally beaten with a "cat-of-nine-tails," which is a whip that has talons, bone, and lead at each end. This tears off pieces of flesh. They are then forced to carry a large cross they are going to be crucified on up heel. The weight of such an object is estimated to be about 300+ lbs.

2. Before nailing someone to the cross, often times their shoulders and hips are pulled out of socket to make their limbs fit to wear they will be nailed.

3. The nail is often times driven through the wrist (although depicted through the hands of Jesus) as this is meater and can withstand the weight of the body better.

4. While being nailed on a cross often times birds and other animals eat and pick at the flesh of the victim

5. While being nailed on a cross it is hard to properly inhale and exhale. Victims usually push themselves upwards to inhale and downward to exhale. To expedite the process of dying, often times the victims legs are broken so they can not move upwards to inhale or exhale air. The result is them drowning on their own blood which begins to fill their lungs.

6. It was generally done with the victim being naked for ultimate humiliation. In addition any urination or defecation was done in public view and attracted insects.

7. It could take hours to days for the victim to die.

8. Causes of death would be a combination of either dehydration, blood loss, asphyxiation, and infection.

Knowing all of this doesn't this make you even more grateful that Jesus died for you?

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