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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top Complaints Men Have About Weave and My Thoughts On It

As women, we have the luxury of using various different methods for enhancing our appearance and weave is just one of these methods. This isn't my first post about hair weave and I must go on the record and say I have no issues with it under certain circumstances (click here to read The Truth About Hair Weave). However, do you know what men's criticisms of hair weave are? I took the liberty of asking 9 different men of various ages their feelings about hair weave. Then I decided to add my two cents in as well. See below:

"Lace fronts and visible tracks are ratchet. I don't mind [weave] as I like long hair, so as long as her head doesn't look heavy I don't mind."---Ricci 28

"I don't like when it looks unnatural"---Harry 29

"Other than the fact that it's not their real shit? Ok
1. I don't like it when women get random colors that are obviously unbelievable. If you're going to rock a weave at least give the illusion that it could possibly be yours.
2. If your hair is shoulder length on Monday, don't come to work on Wednesday with it down your ass. Why? Refer back to reason #1.
3. If I've known you for over a year and have NEVER seen the shit that really grows out of your scalp then that's a problem.
4. When I have sex, I don't want to worry about pulling out a track. I have had a LOT more fun with ladies who rock their own shit because there are no limitations.
5. I can't speak for all guys but personally, I'm more attracted to women who rock their natural hair (long or short). It shows that she's comfortable the way she is.
I'm not saying that weaves are bad, some look really good and I understand that sometimes it's convenient to do a weave. There is nothing wrong with that. But there is a thin line between doing it because it's convenient and doing it because yo ass is just too lazy to keep it up."
---Larry 28

"Too much where it looks ridiculous and going from barely making a pony tail to it flowing down your back the next day."---Jamaal 28

"Sometimes it doesn't look natural. One day you got long hair the next day your bald headed. I don't like that I can't grab your hair during sex. We think you got nice long hair and then you don't (unwanted surprise)."---Lawrence 24

"Cheap weaves shed and look horrible. Other than that I don't really have complaints I just feel it doesn't look good on every woman...certain women it enhances their beauty and some women's natural hair without weave is just as good."---David 24

"When they do TOO much with it. When that's all they wear."---Ronnie 28

"Weave has braiding associated with it. This damages the scalp because a lot of women don't have edges after wearing weave for a long while. I also don't like how women who wear weave don't let men touch their hair or if the budgeting of your weave cuts away from important things like bills."---Gary 32

"It be stanking. I mean some weave smells like must and stank pu$$y."---Herb 28

I agree with a lot of what the men said. So here's my two cents.

1. I don't have a problem with weave as long as it looks real. The objective is for no one to know it's not your hair.

2. If you wear weave because you have no real hair then it's time to stop being cheap and invest some money into conditioning and regrowing your hair by seeing a certified hair stylist regularly. I was just at a cookout where a bitch had no edges...we are talking no hair past the temples and when the wind blew you could see that junk.

3. I also have issues with women who feel completely ugly without weave in their hair. If no one has seen your real hair in years including the man you date, that's ridiculous. Let your real hair breathe and grow some self esteem.

4. To address what Herb said about weave stinking. Not all weave stinks. Weave that does is a result of the following:

A. Being cheap, buying yaky weave and thinking it will last a lifetime and mystically grown into their scalp and become your own hair (any grade of weave less than virgin Indian remy or Malyasian hair needs to be taken out in 3 weeks or less).

B. Women playing kitchen beautician and washing and styling their own weave without sitting under a dryer to let the braids underneath the weave dry completely results in the braids becoming mildewed which causes their head to smell like a sweaty gym sock that has been left in a plastic bag in the sun for a week.

What do you all think? Where what the men said valid reasons for not liking weave.


  1. It's funny that he said it stinks bc I have had that same complaint before

  2. I agree with all points except that anything less than Indian Remy and Malyasian should be taken out in less than a 3 weeks i personally believe it can no longer than a month depending on the person since some women can be lazy and don't believe in taking care of their weave as well as their hair.

  3. I feel do what you want to do, no man or woman should tell you how to do you, as long as you like it i love it

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