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Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards 2011: The Best Dressed

It's quite obvious that most celebrities don't take the BET Awards very seriously as many opted for very casual attire...I mean damn at least throw on a cocktail dress...sheesh. Let's not even talk about the male artist who showed up to the awards as if they just left the mall....but anyways here's who we thought looked good!

Estelle looked rather elegant

Boris Kodjoe knows he looks good...like a caramel apple dipped in nuts....damn!

Tami Roman was loooking good...guess she has been hitting the gym by the looks of her legs.

Diggy Simmons is swagged out on yall.

Nia Long was glowing and so cute preggo.

Rocsi Diaz...it's a little on the ice skater side but we do actually like it.

Kelly Rowland...sadly she is showing more skin on the red carpet than she did during her "Motivation" performance.

Meagan Good...simple, black and elegant.

Keri Washington...always a show stopper

LaLa Velasquez...she looks good but it does seem like she gained a little water weight...maybe she's preggo?

KeKe Palmer....glitter and glitzing

Tracey Ross Ellis...I seriously need my ass to look like hers...too bad you can't see it in this pic.
If anyone's ass should've been a trending topic it should've been hers instead of Free's since she actually has a flat stomach!

Tocara...a little razzle dazzle. She looks good and toned too. This is what we call thick...nice and TONED, and thick.

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  1. Meagan Good is going to prom, Tami bought that dress at Know Style in Cumberland Mall, Estelle's dress is too damn long but pretty, Rocsi looks like she is supposed to be a costume ball or on a mardi gras float. Diggy is gonna be real sexy when he gets of age, Boris always looks fine as hell, Kelly Rowland looks like a flamingo dancer...everyone else looks good but not like "wow!" or anything


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