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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gidewon Family "Reigns" on Atlanta Nightlife

In Atlanta, many of us complain about the lack of night clubs in the actual downtown area. Night clubs downtown seem to be a memory that died and left with the removal of the strip of Buckhead bars and lounges...however the Gidewon family (owners of the famous clubs Velvet Room and Compound) has attempted to revive the night club scene in downtown by opening club Reign (where the old Visions used to be) located on 10th and Peachtree.

Equipped with two chrome coated floors, upstairs sky booths, and glass encased VIP sections. Even more stunning is the liquid nitrogen smoke that flows down the are the pillars.

For More Information: http://www.reignatl.com/

1021 Peachtree Street


  1. Do they have a hip hop night?

  2. They better not advetise a hip hop night bc they don't want black clubs downtown anyways and the second someone shoots or stabs the whole thing is gettign shut down. Im a member of the black community and I haven't heard anything about this place so it appears they are trying to market it to a different crowd.

  3. The Africans come to ATL and straight ball out on everyone huh? Building empires and shit #thatswassup

  4. i cant even be made at Alex and the crew...this is a new avenue of revenue for this company..congrats

  5. If you want a fun walk all night, you can find places for these purposes without any problems.

  6. Well, I'll think on those possibilities. You know, it could be fun and it would be something really different from those things I've used to.


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