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Friday, June 24, 2011

Up and Coming Talent: Kreayshawn

In a muscial society where the only female rapper actively putting out new tracks regular is Nicki Minaj a white femaler rapper is coming on the scene. Natasia Zolot, known by her stage name Kreayshawn, has dircted videos for rapper Lil' B and gained fame when the below song "Gucci Gucci" went viral on YouTube. She runs with a posse called the "White Girl Mob" which consist of her sister DJ Lil' Debbie and fellow rapper V-Nasty.

This is the only song of hers we have gotten a chance to listen to however there has been some debate about her being a gimmick and other commentary about her fellow MC V-Nasty's, use of the word "nigga" (Kreayshawn states she never uses the N-word in her music because it's not her place).

We at Y SUGARCOAT? don't agree with anyone outside of a Black person using the n-word...we don't care how you grew up or who you grew up around...sorry *Kanye Shrug* (Click here to see our post on the use of the N-word).

Do you think she is a gimmick? Do you think the only way for female rappers to become mainstream these days is to be hypersexualized, extremely different, or gimmicky?

We kinda like her! What do you all think?

What Do You Think About Kreayshawn?
I think she's a gimmick
I like her
She sucks

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  1. I think it's a shame how messed up the hip-hop music industry is. To let this white girl come in and get signed when she is doing the same thing (she's wack in my opinion) that many black female rappers are doing that just don't happen to get discovered bc they don't know the right people or oversex themselves? I mean come on the only thing that makes her profitable is that she is "white" and therefore different!

  2. I like how she talks doen on the materialism in todays society. Do I think she is anything special? No not really, she is profitable bc she is white so that is what makes her "different". I don't know how this girl gew up but changing your name to Kreayshawn (spelt in the most ghetto way she could think of) wearing bamboo earrings, gold jewelry, and getting a bunch of tats seems she is imulating things she thinks are "black" so I definately think she could be a gimmick. She probably will be aroubd for a bout a year

  3. She's white. So what? Big deal!

  4. ^^^ I agree...let's not forget that a lot of black rappers are gimmicks too. For example, Rick Ross. He was a corrections officer but raps about selling drugs and crimes etc. Everyone loves him and still buys his CD's. Music is a form of entertainment.

  5. white purple asian spotted she fucking sucks

  6. the only female rapper that I can tolerate. the only white rapper that is real. eminem and the rest of those clowns are trailer park opportunists. these girls are real.

  7. I am a white woman and I read what you wrote. I personally feel embarrassed that she represents other white women. We have our own struggle too but no matter how low is the social class we are. Our white skin does give us some privilege (employment,legal sentences, salary, etc...). It's a reality. I feel shame and offended by the arrogance and ignorance of Kreayshawn. THERE IS NO EXCUSE! In addition, she lacks of talent. She can't rap. My best friend is African American. We have different experiences despite that we feel the same in our struggle.

  8. Anonymous in OaklandJune 28, 2011 at 5:37 PM

    As a person that was born and raised in the same neighboorhood in Oakland CA she claims to be from I can honestly say that this girl is not a gimmick. The was she acts, talks, raps and her choice of clothing is straight out of east Oakland and that is something that people who are not from the bay area do not recognize. My take on V-nasty is pretty much the same. Anywhere in the Bay area you will overhear a number or different nationalities saying "nigga" I don't agree with it but i'm not as quick to get offended by it because the only thing different about this girl is her skin color. She is a product of her enviornment. Yes there should be a respect factor but people here just don't give a shit especially of your hella hood.


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