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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So You Want a Virgin (or damn near one)?

As women in today's society, we are more sexually liberated and often times more sexually objectified. With that being said we are evolving when it comes to learning the new status quo as how we are to conduct ourselves sexually and what is acceptable sexual for us by society. Gone are the days of "wait till your married" and even "I've only been with 3 men" is becoming a thing of the past. (Click here to see our post about numbers of sexual partners and women) So we ask what is the value of being a virgin or less sexually experienced in today's society?

*disclaimer: We are NOT here talking down on virgins are those who have less sexual experienced. We are simply making a point*

There are a few gentleman who claim they want to marry or date virgins or women with a partner count at or below 3, but here is where trouble may arise.

1. Marriage Means Sex with ONE Person for the Rest of Your Life:

....period. point. blank.

Do you honestly want to make that commitment to someone you have to teach everything to that you yourself can not learn from? Let's be honest...it will probably take a virgin or woman who is less sexually experienced at least 2 years to get to the level you would like her to be at sexually. It almost is an open door for your desire to cheat.

2. She May Want to Cheat on You Eventually:

It is quite possible that if you were her "first and last" or something quite close to that she may start getting curious as the years go by.

3. Age is More Than a Number:

It's just honestly not realistic to expect a woman the age of 18 and a woman the age of 35 to have had the same amount of sexual partners. Just like women must consider that men they want to marry or date may have some baggage the older they are (divorce, kids, emotional issues, debt, etc.) a guy must also understand part of an woman's baggage as she gets older is sexual history. Like seriously, why would you want to date a 35 year old woman who doesn't know how/never has sucked a dick? With sexual partners comes certain experiences. Think about it.

4. The Chasity Belt Doesn't Want a Hoe:

Although there is a double standard in today's society about men being sexually active you must honestly ask yourself, why would you deserve a damn near virgin or virgin if you have busted down and tasted everything in your city? Why would she want your hoe ass?

5. Attractive Girls Have More Options:

Look this is a fact that Maya Angelou even concurred with. If you want to marry or date a woman who is bad as all hell you must realize she gets hollered at on a daily basis. Therefore more options are afforded to her to date men. Part of adult relationships is sex. We are not saying that being attractive mean you get a pass on being unselective in who you have sex with and we are not saying that all ugly girls are chaste, but we are saying that if you honestly want a girl who has had little sexual experience or is a virgin you may have to start bringing the bar down when it comes to looks. Shoot for decent/average to slightly below average.

It's some food for thought folks. Think about it.


  1. I seriously don't think any guy in 2011 wants a virgin. If he does that is probably more a result of his own insecurities with being a male hoe. He probably feels that since he ran the street sewing his wild oats that all females do to and the only way to assure himself she didn't is by dating/marrying a virgin or less sexually experience woman

  2. ...I am a 35 year old man and I want to know what grown man ask a woman how many people she has slept with? You know she is gonna lie anyways. Why does it matter if she has no STDs and no bad reputation? Don't get me wrong I dont' want to date the town hoe but asking questions you don't really want the answers to is stupid

  3. So are you all saying guys want hoes? I'm confused

  4. I'm an honest hoe...and all my hoes are honest - Della Reese (Harlem Nights)

  5. ...snd to answer your question: Yes. Men want hoes. Just not hoes who broadcast their hoe-dome to the universe. I could look the other way when a young lady told me she had more sexual partners than most women her age simply because she didn't carry herself as such. If she hadn't told me I wouldn't have been the wiser. #SometimesIgnoranceIsBliss

  6. This is why so many of our people have out of wedlock babies. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin and there are plenty of men who prefer to be with a virgin. Virgins can be attractive and besides,what is so difficult about a penis going into a vagina. The clitoris is where arousal comes from in the female vagina. How hard is it to suck a penis. Come on people. I am a 31 year old virgin and a college graduate. I am proud to be a virgin. How in the heck is a man insecure because he wants a virgin, GTFOH. What about women who got ran through like a tunnel, and they have to have anal sex and give oral because there vagina is too lose. It seems like there are some women out there who are insecure and are jealous because they gave it up in the back of a closet when they were 14. Dont get mad because my husband will get the goods and believe me, I am sexual. Being sexual is a mind thing and you learn that after 30.

  7. ^^^What is hard about a penis going into a vagina....we can tell you are a virgin...there is way more to it than that...I wouldn't marry your ass *kanye shrug*

  8. No people have kids out of wedlock because they act like birthcontrol doesn't exist so save your more holy than thou shit for some other blog

  9. ^^^ I wouldnt marry you either. I was a bit angry when I wrote that post, so pardon me. Holy than thou, please when did I say that. LOL. Come on, what else is more to sex, oh mind stimulation, a connection, and more sexual positions. Come on, why did I strike a nerve. THE POWER OF WORDS. I did not say that people have babies out of wedlock because they are not virgins, I am talking about the mentality that people have today in regards to sex- is what causes people to have babies out of wedlock. Instead of supporting a Black woman who chooses to save her goods and be a beautiful queen, you would rather bash me. The old Black community would consider me a jewel. We have got to get it together. I am responding to this message, nearly 2 months later, LOL. Moving on>>>

  10. The writer of this blog wouldn't understand the psychology behind wanting virgins unless it involved insults, whether concealed or not.

    I can only imagine some men who want virgins are virgins themselves and sensitive. They may not like the thought of a woman they plan to put on a pedestal sharing something that belongs to them, regardless of whether ot not it's legitimate or accurate to view the situation that way.

    To some extent, this blog post has undertones of 'I do it; you should do it, too.' It sides too wholefully with the dissolute for it not to reflect implications of their being a personal stake, regardless of the disclaimer.

  11. Each person has his own opinion on this matter. I believe that she should be more gentle.

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