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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being a Hoe Gets Old...Ask Karrine Stephans

Amber Rose, Kat Stacks, Karrine Stephans, random video vixens, random baby mama's, Tiger Wood's jump off's... In today's society it often appears being a hoe or groupie is a winning combo to fame and wealth. Some of these women get book deals, reality t.v shows, invites to red carpet events, and press conferences just for spreading their legs or popping out a illegitimate child of your favorite rapper/actor/singer. Just ask popular radio personality Angela Yee who created the t-shirt that became popular emblazoned with the phrase "Hoes Be Winning" (purchase/view t-shirt here).

Well it appears that Karrine Stephans sees no future in hoeism...matter of fact it seems she wants to remove her name and hoe from the same equation like so...

Karrine Stephans + Hoe = Your Career/Importance

That's right ladies and gentleman. The iconic figure to groupies and hoes everywhere wants to remove herself as their role model. She is claiming being a famous slut sex symbol is a career with no future. Most importantly is the fact that she is no longer willing to own up to the name and empire she created for herself. Karrine is claiming that


Earlier this year she wrote:

"For the past six years, I’ve been playing a part, putting on for the crowd, and sparking controversy to market books. And boy did it work! And then –– I got bored. I would put on my make-up and my clothes and practice my words in the mirror at home. I would plant things about myself in the media, air all my grievances, and make everyone talk and talk and talk, then sit back and laugh as I watched the crowd spin and the books sell.

I am a master at this. Still, once you’ve mastered something, you tend to grow tired of it and desire to move on"

Is this proof that being known as a hoe is not as fruitful as people think so much so that Karrine is rebuking her whole claim to fame now? Does this mean that you won't be living that life that Karrine wrote about because it is fake?

As a woman who is getting older, you find yourself wanting a meaningful healthy marriage, family, and kids...unfortunately being a hoe and having a sexual past that takes up a 100 sheet notebook filled with the names of celebrities just doesn't fit into that equation.

Everyone has sexual history...but the men in your life don't need to know about it nor does the public if you want to move forward in life and accomplish longevity, success, and happiness. Call it a double standard...sorry life isn't fair.

We also find it hella ironic that this video was filmed while she was half nude but she wants us to consider her a "writer"...hm...

Can a woman ever bounce back after being considered a "hoe" by society?
No...you can't change a hoe into a housewife

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  1. Once a hoe always a hoe. Kat Stacks and some of these other hoes need to see Karrine and learn. Eventually you have to throw in the towel and try to reinvent yourself or lie about what you supposedly did

  2. I guess I don't consider Amber Rose a hoe but more of an opportunist? Maybe a gold digger? Hmm...I agree being a hoe may make you think you are winning now but you can't be some video hoe at age 45 or a stripper

  3. Hell ya you can turn it around... look at Kim K! The whole family is making millions from her sex tape and famous bfs

  4. now Karrine is saying people saying her stuff with fiction is being misconstrued..dumb hook

  5. She's broke and she thought snitching on her wealthy conquests would line her pockets substantially (a few books later and it STILL didn't) ...then it hit her; it was never about the money, ITS THE ACCESS...The people she 'exposed' we larger than her 'exploits'...PEOPLE DON"T READ IMPORTANT SHIT BASIC BIIIII--- (*meniacal laughter*)She BURNED those bridges and proved to everyone she can't hold water! Face it, being broke in america is one thing, but being a dry snitch (volunteer's info) is a game most (if not all) shouldn't play..Peace


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