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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Requesting What You DON'T Deserve When Dating

My homie, who shall remain nameless, asked me to discuss the following topic on this blog.  Why do people request from others what they CAN NOT do for themselves in relationships/dating?  I developed this question further to ask, why do you feel YOU deserve the type of person you are asking for?  Let me illustrate the scenario for you through words:

Scenario 1:  My friend met a girl, they had conversation, she was cute, they exchanged numbers.  Later, he found out she is living on some one's couch in between jobs.  When it came time for going on their first date, he asked her "where would you like to go?"....her response?  RUTH FREAKING CHRIS.  Now my friend, knowing she was wilding, asked her "what do you usually eat there?  I like the stuffed chicken," to which she responded "actually I've never been there before."


So you mean to tell me you are LIVING ON SOME ONE'S COUCH JOBLESS, but you expect a man to take you to a restaurant that is $50 per person on your first date?!?!  Wow...and that my friends is how this post was inspired.

"You can not demand things in dating situations that you yourself can not obtain."

Now just because she is going through a hard time does not mean she can not date or she deserves to be mistreated, but suggesting a place that expensive on a first date is completely out of pocket. If someone wants to take you to Ruth Chris, or buy you things you yourself can not afford, then more power to them and lucky you!

I am bombarded by stories of my friends of persons requesting/wanting things in a dating situation that they themselves can not obtain.  Now let me move on to another example:

Scenario 2:  My friend is a chubby, moderately attractive male.  He is in his mid-twenties and although he lives in a city that does not operate on advanced public transportation systems, my friend does not own a car.  However, he feels he should be pulling the baddest females, body and face a perfect 10, with careers, cars, jobs, good credit, and real hair.  But why would he deserve a woman of this caliber?  What exactly would a woman like this want from a chubby man with no transportation who is probably a 6.5 on his best day in the looks department?  That's right, she wouldn't want much to do with him.

Scenario 3:  My friend, who had not been dating a girl for very long, maybe 3 months tops, casually asked her, what did she want for her upcoming birthday.  Her reply, "a Chanel bag."  Considering that she currently carried a no name brand purse and had only been dating my friend for 3 months, asking for a $1,500 hand bag for her birthday seemed a little off.  Why on earth would a half smart indivdual shell out that much cash on your birthday when they barely know you?  I do know a few types of people who would do that though...a trick, a nasty rich old man trying to pork something young, or a pimp would.  Says  a lot about them men she's used to dating.


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