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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fan/Hate Mail

I don't normally entertain the hate mail I get (which believe it or not can be a lot when you run a blog shock topic blog with completely uninhibited content *sarcasm*) but today let's go ahead and address the mail.

"T$ or whatever your real name is.  I would like to ask what exactly is your blog selling?  Ideas or sex?  I would say the later.  The picture up top is soft porn at best, and it seems a lot of your biggest topics concern sex.  I read your bio on Your Black World and I am confused how you consider yourself a writer who is uplifting the Black community when you run a blog that is the epitome of what we are trying to escape.  That's real talk straight up no chaser."

Look, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but at the same time I hope your opinions are formed off research.  The picture up top is not soft porn...I'm sorry but you should probably google search "soft porn" to determine what that is because clearly, that is not what is going on in the main picture of this site.  Secondly, have you gone through the blog's archive?  I'm willing to assume you have not or you could CLEARLY see that not only do I write about sex and dating, I write about Troy Davis, the judicial system, social media, current events, and topics that directly/indirectly effect members of not only the Black community but society period. Two of my most popular post that have over 56,000 hits each are topics regarding health/safety and fashion.  Soooo...I guess that means I'm not selling sex.  I honestly don't recall selling sexual pictures or videos or having a pay per view type link on my blog which would be selling sex.  I also don't recall bombarding this blog with pictures of myself in scantily clad attire as the only pictures of me on this blog come in the form of video discussions and the picture up top.

This blog is the reason Your Black World hired me to be quite honest so I can only assume they felt this blog mirrored some form of decorum and relevance to Black culture.  Furthermore, there is a time and place for everything which is why I write for a variety of different platforms.  Just because I write content for a Black conscious/social news website does  not mean I must typecast myself as a writer, if I couldn't write a variety of different things then I would not be a good writer.  I am glad you took the time to do your "research" by reading an article of mine on Your Black World, coming to my personal blog, finding my email, and writing such a heartfelt message and ending it by using the tag line of my blog.  You stay classy.

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