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Friday, August 17, 2012

No Social Networks? You're Shady...

Google +, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr...the options are endless.  Whether you choose to immerse yourself in every internet based social outlet or regulate yourself to just a few, social networks are a part of our culture.  They are the reason smart phones like iPhones and Droids are so popular.  Everyone wants to be in the loop with the most up to date information.  No one wants to be the one asking if someone heard about a topic that was "so 7 seconds ago."  So for this reason...you must question any individual who is TOTALLY against being on a social network.

"9 times out of 10, any individual who is under the age of 40 and is not on at least ONE social website has something to hide, is living a fake life, or is living a double life."

Oh I know.  Someone is going to argue me down about this.  Funny thing is, I'm a great debater, and this just is not up for discussion.  I have taken the liberty of coming up with all the reasons you would give me as to why someone would not have an account on any social networking website...then I will explain how this reasoning makes absolutely no sense and that person you are excusing is shady as the fuck.

"So And So Is Not On Any Social Websites Because...."

1.  Their Job:

We all know that some companies are intense when it comes to cyber stalking their employees or potential job candidates...but boo freaking hoo.  You can't be judged on something that is not there though so why doesn't your smart ass use a thing called content control?  It's as simple as tweaking privacy settings, untagging yourself in any photo where a drink is in your hand, and never posting a status that is not PG-13.  Hell, go by a variation of your birth name name (ex:  Real Name= Amber D. Smith  Facebook Account= Amber Dawn).  Bad excuse...NEXT!

2.  You Can't Control Content Your "Friends/Followers" Post:

Once again, it's called "settings"...I have friends who have their profiles set up so no one can write on their wall, they can approve any post or picture they are tagged in before it goes live.  Bad excuse...NEXT!

3.  Social Websites Sell Your Information to the Government:

...and so does just about anything you do in life that has a paper trail and that doesn't bother you.  Secondly, unless you are on witness protection, a drug lord, or embezzling billions of dollars, why the hell would your regular citizen ass care about that?! You act as if they government wanted information about your regular extra ordinary life they wouldn't be able to get it or something all because you don't have a Facebook account.  Bad excuse...NEXT!

4.  It's Not My "Thing"  I Don't Want Everyone In My Business:

NO ONE CAN BE "IN" BUSINESS THAT IS NOT POSTED!  My social network accounts are a reflection of about 10% of my life and who I am.  I do that on purpose.  You can too!  Secondly, if you aren't a celebrity or politician, what makes you think anyone really gives a damn about your extra ordinary life?  Any stalkers you may have can be blocked.

In a society ran on technology, why would someone not have ONE account just to keep up with friends and family or purely for entertainment?  And don't tell me this person has a Droid or iPhone (phones made for social purposes and so people can be up on the latest everything) with not ONE social networking account.  The REAL reasons someone has NO social networking accounts would be the following:

  • They're married...and screwing everything under the sun except their husband/wife.  Or they are involved seriously with someone and they cheat regularly.
  • They are my grandmother
  • Their whole life, as they have relayed to you, is a made up facade.
  • They are involved in some type of shady elicit activity
Henc why this mysterious person is shady...as the fuck.


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