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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HonestD Box

A few weeks ago, we received an email from a young man who had read our Maybe Your Hangtime Ain't Hanging post wondering if his penis was in fact small or not. He included a picture of his male part and asked for our honest opinion...

...so we started to think...there are probably hundreds of men out there who want to know if their penis is small or not but they don't have anyone to turn to. They can't ask another guy because that's "gay", they can't ask a lover or girlfriend because she won't be honest, and they can't ask a female friend because she will try to cater to his feelings.

So why not ask us at YSUGARCOAT? Your face isn't in the picture so we can't clown you, we don't know you so we can't be nice to spare your feelings, and you can do it anonymously!

If you would like to know whether your "hangtime" is really hanging, fill out the below form and adhere to the following rules:

1. DO NOT include your real name.
2. DO NOT include your face in the picture.

We legally promise that we will keep all pictures and responses confidential and the ONLY responses or discussion in regards to the picture will be done via the email that you provide on the below form.

*By clicking submit you are legally allowing us to respond ONLY to the email you provided and you are legally stating that you have the right to use/distribute this picture.*


  1. HEEEELLLLLL NO! Yall aint gonna goof on my a$$. Besides, I got "Person-ality" Moreover its quit strange, the reader in Decemeber said , "You wouldnt stay with a woman if she had a stank pussy".......No I wouldnt, but thats comparissons of two kinds. Like apples to oranges. Hygein and satisfaction dont compare in this argument, and yes, your probly mumbling to yourself, "no, I have a good argument, and its tru"-shut your mouth. I dont know what my size is, dont care, never had complaints, but I'll be damed if I study up on another mans dick.

  2. Yah, sorry for the above spelling and grammor issues. Wrote it at work.

  3. The girl in the above photo may be clowning the guy(who's ass cover-up is an EPIC FAIL) but she is the one on her knees. Laugh at that!

    -Angry little penis guy


  5. First of all we cant see your face, and we dont want too see it, so its okay to send it! And sometimes guys need to know even if it doesnt matter to you because its not like you can change it...BUT at least you will have an honest opinion and hey maybe u think its below average but might really be a good size! So dont be afraid to hear the truth!!!

  6. First and foremosts, thank you girls for providing what is a very interesting website-blog, where we can come and have fun and share our ideas and concernss. You both certainly have a nack for entertaining. Always keep your thumb on your fans and keep up the good work!

    Now, in response to my post earlier, you said "Dont be affraid to hear the truth?" What is this a plug for a new DruHill album? Ok, let me stimulate your mind and senses without chewing 5GUM. Now, when you veiw a pic of a mans penis....(sounds like "private job") this is only your opinion right? Most girls would admit, that each girl is diffrent when it comes to determining the size of a males motif. So what, T$ and ray ray, which names sounds arguable like that of characters from BayBays kids; what exactly are you comparing this too? Dildo's, past relationships and porn? What about the other saying, showers and growers? Does this account for anything? Maybe before I send, I need to chub it up a little. Besides, doesnt wearing a MAGNUM count for anything?

  7. Wearing a Magnum counts for nothing. Fitting one might, but thats not even a sure thing.

  8. how about HonestD for penises that are too big. Bc that is actually a bad thing

  9. LMAO this is awesome. tell us about the smallest one u been sent


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