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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When and If to Tell Your Friend About Her Man

Women are always crying "It's chicks before d*cks" and "If she was my home girl and knew something about my man she better tell me," but honestly is this really the case? It honestly seems that only about 20% of women would whole heartily be grateful for information about their man acting up, cheating, lying, or would just appreciate their friend's opinion in general about her man. So how do you know if you should tell your friend any information you know regarding her man or how you feel about him?...It's contingent on a few things:

1. The Current State of Your Friendship:

If you know your friendship has been going through the ringer with a lot of recent up and downs, the nature of your friendship has changed recently, you are acquaintances, or in your heart of hearts you know you two are frenemies...then you should NOT tell her anything in regards to her man. If you guys are the best of friends, very close, and have a solid friendship it should be expected that anything you tell her she will know is coming from a good place and a place of concern....if not...get prepared to lose a friend or permanently alter your friendship forever...and in addition do you really want to be close friends with someone who thinks you are a hater?

2. How Secure Is She?

If she has a lot of self esteem issues or image issues that means she is insecure in herself and often the status of her relationship and often the intentions of her friends...you should NOT tell her anything in regards to her man.

3. Your Relationship Status:

Unfortunately many women feel that being single is leprosy, single women can not give relationship advice, and that all single women are jealous and miserable....many would rather take the advice of a serial monogamous (meaning someone uncomfortable with being by themselves) or another woman in an abusive (emotionally or physically) relationship over a single woman. Therefore if you are single you should DEFINITELY think twice about telling your friend any information in regards to her man. There is a 90% chance it won't go over well.

4. Her Track Record:

Has she been told multiple times by multiple people about her man? Does everyone around town know he's acting up? If so there is a great chance that she knows too and she just chooses the "ignorance is bliss" road or she'd rather not confront it herself at this time. You probably should NOT tell her any information about her man.

In addition, do you know how she has reacted to other people in the past who have told her about a man she dated? If she didn't take it good and still harbors ill feelings towards a friend who has told her about a guy she has dated in the past it's safe to say you should NOT tell her any information regarding her man.

So in conclusion, not every girl adheres to girl code when it comes to telling a friend any bad information about her man. At the end of the day you should do what you would want her to do for you in the situation and not look back. If the results from telling her are bad, you did what you felt a good friend should do and that is what you can live with and sleep soundly with at night.

Have you ever told a friend about her man? If so what were the results? Do you regret it? Are you glad you did it? Let us know!

Would You Tell Your Friend About Her Man?
No, it never goes over good
Yes, because we are friends
Depends on the friend

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  1. Don't tell them bitches shit. Never goes good. Ever

  2. Ignorance is bliss. These women don't want to be told and they will just get mad at you not the man, stay with him, or get back with him in the end. Save your breathe ladies as well as your friendship. Happens all the time. This is why guys cheat so much bc they are aware of this and that a girl will choose her man over her friend who told her about 90% of the time. Good post ladies!

  3. I say if that is your friend tell her. If your friendship is ruined bc you told her then she was not a friend you want on your team anways.


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