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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

First Date Ettiquette (Because Some of Yall Are F*cking Up)

Much to our dismay we have been hearing and experiencing a lot of foolery when it comes to how people are conducting themselves on first dates. This post goes for both men and women. Some of yall need to tighten up because your behavior is down right embarrasing and the subject of many great conversations we have.

1. Stay Away From Heavy Topics:

Inflammatory topics such as abortion or politics should not be shared when you intially get to know someone. We have even heard of a young man telling a woman about his suicide attempt on their first date...Now what part of the game is that?! No one wants to hear sob stories, stories that make you look emotionally unstable, or stuff that makes them angry on the first date. Since the two of you virtually know nothing about one another the basics will do just fine. Stick with current events and neutral subjects.

Example: "I am getting ready to go to Vegas. Have you ever been before?" or "Did you see the BET Awards this year? What did you think about it?"

2. Stay Away From Sexually Explicit Conversation:

It's safe to keep all conversation above the belt. It is not appropriate to ask a woman if she has "ever experimented with girls?" or "have you ever had a threesome?" or "how do you feel about oral sex?" Anything going on below the belt is none of your business at this point and since it's a first date the verdict is still out if you will even get to see her again.

3. Don't Be Overly Sarcastic:

Some people have a drier sense of humor and some people try to use humor and sarcasm when nervous. However, you should feel the person you are on the date with out first before being overly jovial with them...they may not get your jokes or humor because they don't know your personality. If you are naturally funny, then great do what you NORMALLY do...but if humor isn't your thing don't try to dive in that pool.

4. Hands Off:

Like Ron Isley said "Look yeah...but don't touch." At your grown ass age you should be able to read vibes. You can tell when a man or woman has a lot of chemistry with you or not. It would be safe to NOT try to hold someone's hand, kiss them, massage their shoulders or arms, etc on the first date. They may not be touchy feely...respect their personal space. They do not know you bruh.

5. Pick the Spot (Men):

We understand you are trying to be chivalrous but asking the woman to pick the spot is nerve racking. She doesn't know your finances. Perhaps she says Atlanta Fish Market and you were thinking your bank account looks more like Red Lobster. The proper thing to do would be to ask her "what do you have a taste for?" when she responds "Mexican" you can pick a restaurant in a good location for both of you and within your budget.

6. Order Only What You Can Eat (Ladies):

It's rude as hell if you order the appetizer, surf and turf, and dessert and then eat the food like an anorexic supermodel. If you know you can only eat a salad just order a salad. In addition NEVER refuse a box if you have a significant amount of food left on your plate.

7. Don't Drink Too Much:

We love to throw them back with the best of them...but it may be in poor taste to get sloppy drunk. Que the stories of last friday when someone fell and did a sniper roll on the ground because they were so drunk,cursing random pedestrians out,getting emotional for no reason all on the first date... umm...yeah...not a good look!

8. Keep Your Phone Out of Sight:

You don't need to give off the impression you are uninterested or let the person you are currently with witness you conversing with other people you may date. It's best to keep your phone in your purse or wallet and on vibrate. Check messages in the bathroom or when the other person leaves the table.


  1. What about the rude bitches who send stuff back to the kitchen 100xs? That shit is not cute. Are they trying to act clasy or something?

  2. Ummm... Hello, Exscuse me, Gustapo....Hey, Yeah Um, I have a problem with #5. If we are taking the "woman" out for the first date, and paying for the meal; then why IN THE HELL cant they at least pick a spot to eat!! I can only assume that it will be me driving on my gas, and at $4.05 a gallon, she better be studied up on where she wants to go. DAMN. At least bring some restaraunt flyers or something so we can both decide together. OR if they would like, why doesnt she drive, then we can market all accross the town all night filling up a various QT's for gas, snaking as we go. At that point dinner will be out of the question cause no one is hungry anymore. Then the next time, she will have at least done SOMETHING goin into the first date. Fellas, we agree?


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