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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

FIGO's Has Balls!: Osteria del FIGO's Meatball Bar

FIGO's Meatball Bar is a tapas restaurant centered around the much loved hand made and rolled Italian meatball. Too often when people think Italian food they think "expensive" but at The Meatball Bar this is not the case! You have your choice of 3 meatballs for $3.95 or 7 meatballs for $6.95 and then your choice of signature dipping sauces like peperoni gialli or salsa verde. Signature drinks cost only $6.00, pitchers of sangria cost $25, and appetizers and side dishes cost as low as $2.50. (via Thrillist)

Check them out! Click here for the menu.

1210 Howell Mill Road



  1. I wanna try this place. Sounds so creative and the menu sounds delish!

  2. I want juicy balls in my mouth


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