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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fashion Pick: Violent Lips Temporary Lipstick Tattoos

These temporary lip tattos are a little different...but we kind of like them. Maybe for a photo shoot, costume party, or just to stand out a little. Take a look below:

They run for about $13.95, include 3 lip tattos, and work just like the temporary tattoos that you used to put on as a kid. Some styles are more out there than others such as the British flag but wearing these would definitley be a statement and a converstation piece.

These kinda channel Beyonce's eye make up in her "Kitty Kat" video...but on your lips you know?

Would you wear these?

Watch the tutorial on the website. Available via Nails by Tiara. Click here


  1. I think they look stupid

  2. I think the leopard print is hawt!

  3. Hmm, I like them, I wouldn't wear them because well I'm not a woman but I wouldn't mind my lady wearing the leopard print!

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