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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taking Your Sense of Power Too Far

For some reason, people with certain jobs, professions, or who are in certain organizations can sometime get a sense of entitlement to abuse their power or to be an asshole. Perhaps these people were lames before they got their authority or perhaps they were always just assholes but never had the opportunity to fully express that. As we have ventured through life or day to day situations we have come into contact regularly with the following persons that take the little authority they feel they have and push it to the max. See below:

*DISCLAIMER: the only way you will be mad at this post is if you feel your are a loser and any of this stuff applies to you, your job, or your organization*

1. Police Officers:

True there are some who took the job because they wanted to help make the community better, but more than many are actually flash light cops playing dress up. Yes they would rather flex their power by pinning people for speeding, running red lights, parking in handicap, and being complete assholes whenever they pull someone over. They aren't about that Law & Order/CSI life which would require actually fighting real crime and dangerous situations. They love to walk around all high and mighty in their uniforms...maybe even in there leggings and riding boots riding a motorcycle...and they are pretty much pointless in stopping any crime other than a speeding ticket. Most were lames their whole lives and now that they have the power to talk to you crazy and throw you in jail they go H.A.M.

2. Security

These are worse than police officers because they have a sense of entitlement and power but would never attempt going through basic training or the police academy let alone they are not allowed to carry guns. These are the men who proudly dress in all black or Harold Penner's three piece suits like a kid on Easter Sunday and somehow believe that there $10 an hour ass is the reason the lights are on at the club or the place they are "securing". They love to act like they are a personal best friend to the owner. They hold the line a little longer than the promoter told them to, make sure everyone claiming to be on the list is double checked thoroughly, yell at everyone for no reason, demand people back up behind some arbitrary line that doesn't mean anything for maintaining order or safety...basically going through great lengths to make it hard for people to get in that they know very well are supposed to be getting in (after all it is the club patrons who are the most important part of the club and spend the money to keep it open). The funny thing is they take their asses to one of their 3 jobs to pay for their shitty apartment once they get off work feeling like somehow they have the key to the city.

3. Tow Truck Drivers, Boot People, and Parking Security:

These are the people who wait till the very second you get out of your car and do not see some inconspicuous sign and boot or tow your car within the 5 minutes you walked away. You often beg and plead with them to just give you a break or cut you a side deal where they could pocket some cash instead. The funny thing is they will turn down your money. Epitome of a real life slave and no hustler mentality.

4. Greek Fraternities and Sororities:

We know some of yall are gonna be hot hot mad at this one. While we both have parents who are greek and some chapters of greek organization are actually relevant to what the original organization was formed for, we firmly believe that most of these organizations in this day and age are complete bullshit, popularity contest, and based off who can throw the best parties, or using some letters to get the most ass. For some of them their sense of entitlement and power comes from the fact that they were lame their whole lives and the second they put on some letters they think they mean something to the world or they mean something to their bought friends. How does one allow someone their age to mistreat them, beat them, and talk to them crazy without knocking all their teeth out? Sounds lame to us. The same individual who endured this mistreatment will then go H.A.M on the next batch of people on line as if that is relevant to anything their organization stands for or as if they didn't just WILLINGLY let someone mop the floor with their ass the year before. Some even go as far as hazing people till the point they get seriously ill, injured, or die. It's not that deep, your organization is not important enough to die or get injured for. Is this a social service organization or the Marines?

5. Church Ushers:

Yeah we said it. I thought your job was to pass out the collection plate and help people easily find seats. Oh so now you are church security? You are telling people to spit out their gum and when they can and can not get up? Last time we checked that's illegal...it's called false imprisonment. Move your white glove having ass out of my way.

6. Managers:

We aren't talking about ones at fortune 500 companies...we are talking about the manager that thinks they own the department store, McDonald's, or chain store they work at. Are you not aware you are a minion? Perhaps the fact that you elevated from folding panties to having a desk in the short time of 25 years means something to you but to us it just means you are probably a lame. When someone ask you a question or you can save that smart mouth of yours. You can also stop mirco-managing your employees. Following the company handbook will never get you on the owners status but it may get you that $5 raise you have dreamed about for all these years....yeah...#killyourself

What are some other groups of people you feel who abuse power, their idea of them having power, or authority? Let us know!


  1. Thank you for goin in on greek organizations. I always though they were lame

  2. Wow, that one was actually dead on. As a recent statistic of unemployment, I "promise" I wont take any shots at anyone, persons, or orginizations. Only the dicks. Yes, I agree their are dicks out their people, and they don’t come one by one; no, no no, nowadays you can find them as a partnerships. A legitamate LLP. Look, this certainly isn’t rotten tomatoes, or anything like that, because I know their are good managers and bosses out their. Its just that, the good ones arent in those positions or haven’t been found. Instead they are ran off along with all the other good workers, and in its place we have a hierarchological stage of kiss asses. Coin that if you want, I don’t care. lol. Its all a reflection of the people in charge. Bummer Gustopo, my shoes please!?


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