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Friday, July 8, 2011

Why Black Women Seem Superficial About Their Hair

Today I was confronted with an issue I had never had come up before. A young man got angry with me when I declined to accompany him to Six Flags theme park on a date with my excuse being that I just got my hair done yesterday, dropped $85 on it, and did not want to be in the sweltering Georgia heat sweating it out. Now I mostly date black men and they usually are very receptive and understanding of the time and money spent by black women to keep their hair slanging and banging...however for him this was not the case.

I informed him that I would have gone if I literally would not have gotten my hair done only 1 day ago, but that still did not appease him (4 days after spending this type of money and time I would've been down). Upon hearing me say this he quickly ended the conversation.

I consider myself to be a very spontaneous , open minded, and well rounded woman. I will go to outdoor sporting events, go swimming, go white water rafting, go biking, I work out regularly...I do tons of activities that could mess up my hair...however I do not like to do them after dropping a bill to get my hair freshly done. So it inspired me to write an educational post for men about why black women may at times seem siddity or superficial when it comes to their hair.

1. It Cost A Lot:

The black haircare business is a multi million dollar business because black women must spend a lot of time and money to make sure their hair is healthy and presentable (with exception of some natural hair styles). Meaning that if she gets her relaxed hair done regularly she goes every two weeks (sometimes weekly if it's short) spending $40 per visit and $80-100 per visit that includes any sort of chemical treatment. Weaves cost anywhere between $50-300 or more (let's not even talk about the cost of good quality hair) but last about 3-6 weeks. Therefore:

"asking a black woman to ruin hair that she spent that much money on right after she got it done is equivalent to her asking you to play football in a muddy field after a rain storm in your brand new shoes you stood in line for when they dropped and bought yesterday."

2. It's Time Consuming:

The average black woman spends about 3+ hours in the hair salon per visit. She is lucky if she is only in there 1 hour which means her stylist is efficient, highly organized, highly skilled, and NEVER over schedules...however this is definitely NOT common.

3. It Doesn't Last Long:

After she gets her hair laid, she wants it to last to the expiration date of the hairdo. This is usually about a week. Remember the shoe scenario I gave you earlier? At least those shoes you bought would last until you decide you hate them or want to give them away.

So in short, black women are not superfical lack luster bitches...maybe you just caught her right after she got her hair done...I'm sure she would go with you under different circumstances or if her hair wasn't so "fresh".

Signing Out On That Real Talk,



  1. I'm a white male and I knew that about black women so why didn't he know and he's black? By the way Ray Ray and T$ are gorgeous!

  2. I'm mixed and I think any woman no matter her race who gets her hair done does not want to mess it up. That should be common sense. Guy sounds like an asshole

  3. See that's why I wear my hair natural. It is very liberating

  4. ...and this is why I date other races. Too many issue black women...too many

  5. ^^^^^^ Well unfortunately your black father wanted to date your black mother so you could be created. Look in the mirror with all that self hate

  6. don't blame him for hanging up and dude above for dating out of his race. unless you're some model or celeb, find a more workable way to keep your hair kept. it's effecting the quality of your life, lol. hell, he could've propositioned to wisk you away to scuba dive the west indies!

  7. another thing that aches me about black women and their hair is when they tell men they can't touch their hair! they can care less how a man loves hair, wants to touch, caress and rub it and how connecting & sensual that may be to a man.
    what are you spending on if it can only be enjoyed from a distance? you're kind of missing the point! you're faking like a mixed or white woman with none of the real benefits so why cheat yourself?

  8. Im pretty sure she'd be down for being whisked away to the west indies. White women don't want to mess up their hair either after they get it freshly colored etc.


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