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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Petition for "Caylee's Law" May Make Law a Reality

We are not going to sit here and rehash the much publicized Casey Anthony trial (and disappointing outcome), but we do appreciate the fact that the internet is being used as a mechanism to take a stand on cases of child abuse, murder, and neglect. While people can not change the verdict or bring Caylee back they are attempting to make sure this does not happen again.

A petition on Change.org has been started that would make not reporting a child's disappearance within 24 hours or death within an hour of discovery a federal offense for parents, guardians, or care givers. So far about 700,000 people have electronically signed the petition and now 8 states have proposed their versions of the law . If this law would have been in effect in Florida than Casey Anthony would be serving a significantly different amount of jail time.

We think it's ridiculous that her disappearance or death was not reported. Some people will paint the town red with flyers and phone calls to local animal shelters within hours of their family dog missing and it's legal for someone to go days without reporting a child missing?

Sign the petition below!


  1. Well at least something positive seems to be coming out of something so horrible so that next time some monster will get thrown under the jail. Wish I could sign the petition twice!

  2. I can't believe this law isn't already enforced everywhere! Thanks so much for putting this on your blog. This whole trial touched me as I have 2 lil ones at home and would be in a psych ward if one of them was missing for an hour!


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