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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Real Men Don't Get Beat?

The above image is one many of us have seen before on the MTV hit series "Teen Mom." We remember the episode when Amber punched Gary's head into the wall...the reactions on facebook and on our twitter timelines were quite different than when people talked about the Rihanna and Chris Brown incident. People were quick to say Gary was being a "pussy", "simp", and "weak." Many people were greatly entertained by it. However domestic violence is very real...and often men are the victims. Hence the email we got below:

T$ and Ray Ray,

I dunno how to start this story because it's very embarasing for me. Today the woman I live with , been in a relationship for 4 years, and take care of her kids like they are my own, laid a punch in my face infront of our kid. So I know yall may be thinking, how did this fight start? She has always been very jealous and insecure. This time it was over a facebook wall post. Our fights are usually cursing each other out, quiet treatment, throwing and messing up property, a push, a finger in the face, etc. however today it escalated to a whole new level. It started by her refusing to get out my car so I could go to work. I then open the passenger car door and physically lifted her out of the car at which point she laid one on me in the face infront of our child. She was yelling "I'm not scared to fight a man! I done it before!" Being the man I am I got in the car and peeled off. What do you all think about women hitting men? What do you think I should do? I honestly don't want to tell my mother because she will probably fight her (and win!). If I was your brother what would you tell me to do? Am I over reacting about this? She busted my lip up but nothing too serious.

"She busted my lip up but nothing too serious?"...what could get serious is her reaction to whatever your guys issues may be. As you stated in your email, things have escalated to a physical level and the severity will only get worse. Maybe she pulls a knife next time? Maybe a gun? Maybe she injures you with some hot boiled water? Honestly if you were our brother and told us this story we'd probably come and drag her. We think you should tell your mom...and you definately should've called the police on her.

The same women who readily retort to anything their mate does that upsets them with violence are the same women who would be quick to call uncles, dads, brothers, the news, and the police if the man responded by fighting back to his whole physical ability.

We don't care how hood you claim to be, how many men you fought, how much of a tomboy you are, how many fights you have been in and won

...if a man were to actually fight you like he would another man in a bar brawl
(to his full physical ability) YOU WOULD NOT WIN.
Therefore hitting a man is never ok. Unless a woman is ready to square up and fight a man like he would fight another man then she should never lift her hand to him.

We at Y SUGARCOAT? do not agree in ANYONE using physical violence in a relationship whether it be a male or a female.

We advise any man that gets hit by his mate to leave the relationship just as we
would advise a woman.

Getting beat by a woman does NOT make you a weak, a punk, a bitch, a pussy, or a simp...it means you have a great deal of maturity, respect for women, and self control because you did not retaliate by using violence or your full physical ability to retaliate against that woman because you know you would greatly injure her.

If you are or know anyone that is going through physical abuse please visit http://www.thehotline.org/ or call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).

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I Would Retaliate
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  1. his girlfriend sounds like a ghetto bitch. you def can't b with a woman who doesn't respect her kids enough to want them to see her attempt to fight a man

  2. Too often women think they can beat or hit on a man over and over again and expect him to never snap. I think he needds to remove himself from that before he gets to his breaking point and snaps and then the cops will be after him for sure

  3. I think a lot of guys like crazy girls...at first they are like "she is crazy about me" and then later they realize they are just crazy.

  4. Like in the work place, school or any other place whether in private or public, I wont argue(passionately) with a female or fight one, no matter what. Its pointless. She and you both knows the outcome, so why prove your an ass. I think at that point she doesnt need any help.


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