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Monday, May 7, 2012

Adding a Title Doesn't Save You From Being a Hoe

Basketball Wives is one of my guilty pleasures in life.  I love to watch a ratchet broad get ratchet from the confines and comfort of my home and text and tweet my friends about it.  It's fun to live vicariously through reality stars ignorance.  This post is inspired by the ignorance that is Royce Reed and her dating decisions.  Not only does she look 18, she acts 18 too.

While I don't agree with a grown adult man or woman "dating" someone for months on end taking on roles of a boyfriend or girlfriend without some sort of title, or people dating for years having multiple children and never knowing if marriage is a possibility, I am strongly against serial monogamist.  Ladies, learn from Royce on Basketball Wives...throwing a title on a guy you date just so you can have sex with him doesn't save you from being a hoe.  Let me explain further:

1.  Having Multiple "Boyfriends" a Year Means You Are Not Selective:

I can count on my hand, in all 26 years of my life there are probably only 2 men who have swept me off my feet to such a degree I let them wife me in a very short period of time.  The chemistry was so great that within a few short weeks things were made official and we advanced into a monogamous relationship.  If you have this type of instantaneous chemistry with ever man you find attractive and allow yourself to get wifed by him then you are not selective.  Hoes are not selective either.  They do not have a high set of standards or criteria for who they have sex with and neither do you if you have a new boyfriend every month of the year (12 months=12 different men=12 different dicks...you do the math...sounds hoeish to me)

2.  How Independent Are You?:

A lot of women think the term independent refers solely to their financial security, but it also means being ok with being yourself and taking YOU time. Are you confident to be alone?  While a relationship is a beautiful enhancement to life, only commit because the situation is right.  It's ok to be single in this world.  Women need to stop viewing being single as a form of leprosy.  I personally will not take myself off the market and fully commit to a man unless I know I am ready to take the leap into a serious adult relationship.  Why?  Because any person you date monogamously deserves to have a partner ready to give their all in a relationship so how can you do that with a person you barely know?

3.  When Do You Reflect?:

Oh that's right....you don't.  That's why you jump from man to man with the same results and encounter the same problems in less than a year.  If you consistently have a different boyfriend back to back, you are not learning much about yourself, or what you require for a mate.  You are never giving yourself time to reflect about past relationships and what you want to happen in the future to yield different results.

4.  You Look Dumb:

You just look dumb crying wedding bells, posting up lovey dovey statuses/tweets and pictures, and flaunting around a new man every 3 months.  It shows you have the relationship maturity of a 18 year old girl whose only criteria for her boyfriend is if he has a car, late curfew, looks good, and is popular.  Furthermore it shows your a gullible bitch...you probably believe ANYTHING a man tells you as long as it sounds good.  It proves you do not make a man prove to you he has good character or that he stands behind the things he says to you.

It's 2012 and the way we date has changed.  It's not the 1950's where you live in the same city you were born, only rich people have cars, and you are lucky if you get to travel to another state let alone get to know people in neighboring towns.   In today's society, people have more options available to them. Social media, dating websites, technology, and advancements in the quality of life as well as transportation, increase your options of who you can date which means you need to choose wisely as well as choose how public you are going to make your dating decisions to the world.  Don't be a HOEpless romantic.

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  1. Ratchetness loves company! I don't get black woman and its ridiculous obsession with this show. Its even more ratchet to tweet about it, like seriously are you that engaged into the show. Y'all just love to keep these hoes relevant. Black women are IDIOTS!!


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