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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Virginia Foxx Feels Student Loans Are For Losers

I know my readers are of various political beliefs and parties, but be clear about who is making decisions in the party that you associate with as many of these politicians are often out of touch with the struggles of the regular American citizen.

Just last week during a radio interview, Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (who happens to the the CHAIR of the Higher Education and Workforce Training Subcommittee in the house) stated that she has "very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduated with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there is no reason for that."  She goes on to boast how her education cost her $48,000 and she paid for it out of pocket....in 1968.  Listen to this broad below:

Lady!  You went to school in 1968!  The cost of an education at her alma mater has TRIPLED since 1968 (and that's with in-state tuition) and the cost of minimum wage was also 38% higher in 1968 than it is now?!?!  The average American college education cost about $18,000+ a year now.

 So wait, are you telling me that doctors and lawyers and anyone who further their education outside of their bachelor's degree have NO EXCUSE for having that much debt?  Wow...I never knew med-school, grad school, law school, or PHD programs were free bitch.   Maybe instead of being "losers with no excuse for student loans" we should all prematurely apply for welfare at the age 18.  With her condescending ass and jacked up spelling of last name looking like she could have possible thrown an extra "x" on the back of her lastname in her hey day and been a porn star or better yet, spent more time sucking some peen which is why it may have taken her 7 years to graduate.

HAVE A STADIUM OF SEATS!  Maybe she should look at the below stats before she opens her mouth again.


National Center of Education Statistics

...and please click here to sign a petition to make her eat her words.

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  1. Watch a documentary called College, Inc. on Netflix if you have it. Having a college degree helps but not like it once did, and colleges notice that people treat post secondary learning as beyond reproach and are overcharging.

    In Marketing, a market is a segment (group of people with specific qualities in common) of society willing to pay for a particular product or service that meets a specific need. Many experts deem there is a bubble in the education market. What impresses employers is competitive advantage which college degrees no longer provide to the extent they once did.

    Keep in mind, there is a stark difference between education, referring to acquiring structured and useful knowledge that imbues competence to achieve a result, and post secondary institutions, which are businesses selling their services to a market of paying customers.

    Read Michael Ellsberg, look into the work of Peter Thiel (Thiel Fellows), co-founder of PayPal.

    I understand that as minorities we usually don't have degrees so getting them seems like a good idea. What minorities lack from my view is the value of, reverence for, and enjoyment of knowledge, learning, and intellect for its own sake. Aside from this, tuition hits minorities hardest who are stastically more likely to be paid less compared to their non-minority coworkers.

    If you've studied economics you understand our economy is a game of musical chairs, metaphorically writing. It's the ones who can't remain solvent (pay their debts) that take the fall in life and college tuition is a financial burden cannot be expunged in bankruptcy. There are laws that prevent financial institutions from allowing them to let customers borrow to pay student loans. Most kids going into college don't have the maturity or knowledge about markets to know if they're making the right choice by going because they haven't taken time to consider what they want or the best way to achieve it. More than I would like go to college and pick something without researching if there's a market demand (employers looking to hire) for positions related to that skillset after the fact. Markets are the basis upon which our economy runs, and success comes from filling needs in the marketplace, whether employer, consumer, governmental; whoever the target audience is. If you're good at finding markets you don't need a job. You start a business and commit to taking care of your customers. You watch your profit and loss statement and have the option to strategically outsource each aspect of operations to companies with the correct price and skillset when it's within budget, or you may license ideas to established companies through a legal agreement for royalties.

    My point is don't make the common mistake of confusing post secondary services to be the only way to learn. There are libraries, there are trade organizations, specialization certifications, trade & vocational school, apprenticeships, even better still there are results: on-site demonstrations and verifiable evidence of successful projects, like data relevant to a prospective position, you can use in lieu of standard degrees that convey no competitive advantage whatsoever & place student thousands, often tens of thousands of dollars in debt to learn specialties they often don't even use in their professional careers thereafter. I'm curious whether or not someone's career is based in Biology. What I'm saying is there is so much more to it than just a degree, Theresa. We as minorities need to value learning and understand the system we're operating within first so we can more accurately perceive what's possible


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