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Monday, May 7, 2012

Ask Yourself Why DID You Get Mauled by a Cheetah?!

I need this woman to reflect on how she's living life.

Violet D' Mello got mauled on her 60th birthday during a trip to a South African zoo.  Apparently the zoo staff has a petting area and Violet thought it would be a great idea to get in the cage with and pet two grown male cheetahs.  While petting the cheetahs, one attacked an 8 year old girl so Violet felt that she was Super Woman and jumped in to save the child but ended up getting chewed up like a 100 calorie pack snack by the cheetahs for more than 3 minutes.  While she was getting chewed up, her husband continued snapping pictures of her attack which are now viral.  Best part?  They now want to sue the zoo!

It baffles me how people assume that WILD animals that weigh hundreds sometimes even thousands of pounds should be predictable and behave like Medulla...my 7 pound lap dog.  I can't even predict all the things she will do sometimes...because she's a FREAKING animal, let alone should you think you can predict and extremely strong and large carnivorous predator type animal.  What do you think the cheetah went, "we move on up like the Jefferson's and now that we are out of the hood (the wild) we should act with better manners." GTFOH!

She's not the first!  There's the lady who thought it was cute to keep a grown Chimp...it thanked you by chewing her face off like a piece of Orbitz gum and ripping her hands from her wrist.  Or what about the Sea World trainer that got drug to the bottom of the tank and bitten in half because her ponytail resembled a seal to the killer whale (keyword KILLER)?

Ask yourself...how am I living my life?  It ain't right.  Furthermore, please file your divorce papers as your husband found it more important to become a media sensation by taking of pictures of the cheetahs possibly mangling and dismembering your body than calling for help frantically.


  1. The chimp Travis chewed off the face of the owners friend, not the owner. I got a pet chimp too.... his name is Beavis!

  2. The average cheetah weighs between 110 &140 lb. I've seen a grown man fend off a rabid female cheetah by hand on Animal Planet


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