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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why "Hoes Be Winning"

Hoes be Winning. It's a statement that is popularly spat out on social media sites, blogs, and in general conversation. It seems that since the rise of the big assed and breasted video vixen, and celebrity men readily wifing and taking strippers and porn stars to red carpet events, this statement is used to describe women who's employment can be stated on their taxes as "professional leg spreaders."

What does this saying mean to you? What does it mean to society? More importantly how is it possible and what is your definition of "winning"?

1. Heaux Win Because Men Are Superficial:

Gasp! It's not just women who can be superficial gold diggers. Men are always complaining about how superficial women are when in reality they themselves are quite superficial. It is this basic ass attraction that allows them to wife a heaux just so they can say their broad is badder than the next mans. We will use some celebrities as examples:

A. Drake--- He was allegedly dating Serena Williams, a woman who is undoubtedly talented and accordinging to reports, not sexually lose. He dumps her for Dollicia Bryant. While Dollicia is by many standards, more attractive than Serena, reports show that Dollicia Bryant has been pressed more than the Sunday paper by half of the men in the music industry, plus she's a freaking idiot (See my article about why I think she is dumb as a box of rocks here).

B. Kanye--- He left his self sufficient, college educated, fashion designer, low-key, and attractive fiance and later wifed up Amber Rose. People always make the argument "Amber Rose is down to earth and bad as hell" (I agree with the bad part but not down to earth part) but the fact still remains, she was once a stripper, and has leaked so many explicit naked pictures that I think I'm her personal gynecologist. Everyone who has access to the internet has seen all the folds of her inner vaginal walls basically.

As pointed out to me by my friend Adam, the usage of the term celebrity is so loosely used that because ANYONE can be a celebrity (talented or not) that means ANYONE can be wifed up (talented or not).

2. Men Don't Understand Ferrari's Are for Fun NOT Everyday:

What I mean by this is the following. While your dream in life may be to bone the stripper, video heaux, or porn star who is more attractive than the average "good girl" you should do just that. Keep that heaux in the bedroom only. I will illustrate this example with cars. People who own Ferrari's do not drive them everyday, they are for show (holidays, events, hot summer days, Sunday drives, etc.) and so should be the heaux. Just because she looks good doesn't mean she should be wifey. Why don't people who own Ferrari's drive them everyday? The liability is too high, the gas cost too much, and honestly they aren't reliable cars...just like the heaux. Hence why the Ferrari owner has a reliable everyday car that is stable, is better on gas, and also looks good, but doesn't look as good as the Ferrari such as a BMW...so should be the women men should seek. Don't make "Ferrari's" into "everyday cars."

3. What is Your Definition of Winning?

So someone may apply the phrase "hoes be winning" to someone like VH1's "Love and Hip Hop" cast member Kimbella or maybe even Chrissy (before you object to Chrissy being considered a heaux check her rap sheet...google her). Are these ladies really winning?

1. They are not really financially stable as they are not wives. Most do not have a real skill or career to fall back on if the celebrity they are with left them meaning they would not have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of.

2. They don't have what they want in relationships:
  • Emily has been with a man who she has a kid with for 9 years and he doesn't claim her
  • Chrissy is doing circus tricks to force a proposal out of a guy she has been with for 7 years. Then she is saying basic bitch shit like, "even if we never get married I know I'm Mrs. Jones" Jim Jones has not had a hit since..yeah...I don't even freaking know.
  • Kimbella is not married and Juelz Santana is constantly getting busted out by groupies he cheats on her with and he hasn't had a hit since 2005.

4. Hoes Get Wifed for a Reason?

As pointed out by my friend Karrah, the reason why a man (and I use this term loosely) may choose to wife a heaux is because he is not ready to be an adult. Only a heaux or woman with no talent, no skills, and nothing to loose will let you dog her out for years. Think "Love and Hip Hop." Would a respectable female doctor, lawyer, or business woman really let a man string her along for 7 years and crawl on all fours begging for a proposal? She would be more likely not to put up with that shit.

So in conclusion, do "hoes be winning"? I guess it's all a matter of who you look up to, how you define winning, and how much self respect you have.


  1. I agree it's based on what your defintion of winning is. Clearly I am in med school so none of those bitches are winning in my eyes

  2. as you stated on your FB post, Jay-Z is undoubtedly a major celeb and he realized it's dumb to wife a hoe and got with the ultimate when he snagged Bey

  3. Suggestion: Link this post/blog to every Men's Music, Sports & Entertainment site or magazine, (All Hip Hop/ World Star/ Sandra Rose & King Magazine) and let's educate the "Sean Kingston's of this world !"
    Even Kanye' admitted after his "education" with Amber that a Strip Club is not the place to find "love".
    Additionally, after Drake's "education" with Maliah ( a Houston Stripper who Sean Kingston is now "courting")Drake was quick to admit what Kanye found out the hard way. "Yeah we may look like we're happy or in love, BUT ONLY CAMERA" meaning it's all for show and not at all REAL.

  4. I think you nailed this one!! To follow up with your analogy. Like a Ferrari a heaux is one of the first things that goes/gets taken when a man's 15 mins are up and account goes dry. Cause we all know they just looking for the spotlight and money.

  5. Just cause a bitch get $$$diffrent from your seem to be square ass don't mean she a hoe! Amber Rose who gives a fuck how she get $ it ain't u! Please shut this bootleg gossip site down! Its not winning in #2012 talk about some real shit b/c All I see is hating from a real Basic Regular Chick!

  6. ^^^spoken like a true hoe and hater? Let me guess. Stripper? Prostitute? Oh I know, cocktail waitress. You sound like a real basic regular bitch ass hater. Who reads the whole blog, follows it, and comments on it but thinks the blog is lame? Yeah. Doesn't make sense. You need more people.

  7. FYI @anonymous Jan 13, 2012 5:37PM ...this is NOT a gossip blog...and you just read the whole post, watched the video, and posted a response to a blog that's "not winning" in 2012...I guess *kanye shrug*


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