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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Company's Asking for Social Media Passwords? HELL NAW!

When preparing for a job interview, you generally go over a series of possible questions the interviewer could ask you in your head and how you would answer them. After going on about 5 or 6 interviews, you realize that most interviewers generally ask the same questions. They want you to show them how you would be an asset to their company and they want to see that you have good character that would not jeopardize the moral fiber of their company or their cash flow. Imagine sitting down in an interview with all your pre-prepared answers to all those hypothetical pre-prepared questions and having the interviewer hit you with the crunkest question you would have never expected,
"What is the password to your facebook account?"
A while back I did a post on the privacy invasion of major company's hiring hackers to get access to job applicants social networking websites called "Should Companies Hack Social Networking Sites?"...

So now they are bold enough to having the audacity to form their lips to ask you for the password to your Facebook or Twitter account in interviews?

Ways To Respond:

1. "Sure. Are you ready? Ok, my password is F-U-B-I-T-C-H," then politely get up and walk out.

2. Take the honorable approach, say "Just as I would not give out this company's private passwords to someone who asked for them without a police warrant, I do not feel I should give out my private passwords without one either."...then if they don't hire you, lawyer up and SUE THE FUCK out of the place. Have the sign changed to (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE), LLC.

...in all seriousness...why would you even want to work for a company that did not respect your privacy as a human being? What's next? Asking that a camera be installed in your home? Seems to me that this request is a way for companies to dig up information on you that would be ILLEGAL for them to ask in an interview such as your sexual preference, political views, religion, etc.

Facebook has recently released a statement stating that they do not agree with this because not only by companies asking for these passwords are the jeopardizing the privacy of the person being interviewed, but they are jeopardizing the privacy of ALL members of that person's friend list who did not give their permission for that company to view their personal information.

I see a lot of law suits about to pop off shortly from this. These companies need to HAVE A SEAT...a few of them at that.

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  1. #DEAD at F-U-B-I-T-C-H! T$ you are a fool


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