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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"Bitch You Wasn't With Me When I Was Shooting in the Gym?": Vanessa and Kobe Divorce

Celebrity divorces. They are widely discussed and often times VERY expensive. Everyone takes note of them, even rappers. Due to the high monetary reward that Vanessa Bryant will receive via her divorce from Kobe Bryant, the infamous line of Drake's in Rick Ross featuring Drake and French Montana "Stay Scheming" has been made popular.

"Bitch you wasn't with me when I was shooting in the gym."
So many men have been quoting, and re-quoting, and tweaking this quote showing their disdain for the large lump sum that Vanessa will receive. However...I think this quote makes little to no sense.

1. Men Know What They Sign Up For:

A. In Kobe's case, he married an under aged girl so he could continue his relationship with her WITHOUT a prenup. Clearly this meant she could divorce him at just about anytime and if she had a good enough lawyer could straight rape his pocket.

B. As a professional athlete or young celebrity male...why the hell would you get married at such a young age?! You KNOW you want to reap all the luxury of your fame and screw random heauxes. Come on...no one said you HAVE to get married at a certain age. After all, men don't have a biological clock.

C. A lot of these girls these athletes wife didn't come from shit. Not a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. No offense, but any girl who didn't come from shit would be an IDIOT to not take the chance of a lifetime to get wifed up by a wealthy man of any kind. Personally, fidelity is more important to me, but then again I didn't come from a background where I needed a "way out" or where one of the only ways out was through using a man as a come up.

2. She Kinda WAS With You When You Were Shooting in the Gym:

Not only was she there when you were shooting in the gym, she was there when you RAPED a girl, cheated on her NUMEROUS times, probably brought back a few STD's, and hatched kids for you. Not to mentioned she was there for all the public embarrassment that comes about when groupies busted you out. Oh, so now she is supposed to choose to be so much bigger of a person that she DOESN'T want revenge? She should want to move on and take a measely 2gs a month? Normal women want financial revenge in regular divorces...it's really not heinous that she would want to leave him and drop and atomic bomb on his bank account because of his actions. Think of it as a fine. A fine for fucking up and being retarded. Or was she supposed to stay with him because not being a doormat means she's a gold digger? She sounds like a down ass bitch to me. Sounds like she deserves a great settlement.

So this whole line is idiotic to me. Everyone needs to stop crying "whoa is Kobe," like he got unexpectedly gang raped in an alley by a pack of thugs while doing community service. Kobe you did it to yourself. Drake you are probably doing this to yourself as you run around town wifing strippers then crying about them for a whole album. Rick Ross, as a man who likes to talk about tricking on these heauxes in every third song, it can only be assumed you are doing this to yourself as well.

If men don't want to get that atomic bomb dropped on that bank account they either need to keep their "jr's" in their pants, not get married, marry women on their level, or have an iron clad prenup (minus the infidelity clause) and marry a woman dumb enough to accept that whack kind of prenup. Men need to take some responsibility for their actions. If you want to play the game, make sure you don't play with a woman who can play it better than you. At the end of the day, Kobe may be a great basketball player but as far as playing this game called "life"....he's a fuck up.


  1. See, T$ this is why i read your blog! You give it straight, no chaser. This is real shit that people need to hear. Kobe is quite grown and should know that every decision he makes such as getting married, sleeping with floozies, etc. will affect his future in some way. By weighing the possibilites, he should be able to sleep at night knowing that he did his best at making a sound decision. This is the same thing I tell guys all the time when they come to me "crying the blues" about how child support is raping their bank accounts or how childish their wives are. Basically, they knew what they were getting into, so they have to live with the decision. If, they didn't know.....just direct them to this blog. It should clear things up for them.

  2. I'm dead with "whoa is Kobe as if he got raped by thugs in an alley while doing community service!" lmaoooooio


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