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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hating on the Next Broad: Relaxed vs. Natural Hair

As an African American woman, I have so many options of how I would like to wear my hair. Relaxed, weaved up, dreaded, braided, natural, texturized, short, long, medium. However I have a few issues with what I have been seeing and experiencing lately in regards to Black women hating on each other based off how the next woman chooses to wear her hair.

1. Just because You Wear Your Hair Natural Doesn't Mean Your Hair Requires No Work.

A. You are STILL required to brush it.
B. You are STILL required to moisturize it.
C. ...and you are STILL required to style it to some degree.

I have seen a number of women who think their natural hair requires NO maintenance. The result? You have a big dread on top of your head and it looks like a dry ass tumble weed or brillo pad that I scrub my pots with. No need to look homeless. Wearing your hair natural is a choice, embrace it, have some self pride and take care of yourself.

2. Your Hairstyle Doesn't Make You Better Than Anyone:

Just because you choose to wear your hair natural doesn't make you more in touch with your "roots" than the next bitch. Just because I wear a relaxer doesn't make me better or more attractive than anyone. A BLACK woman invented the relaxer, and not everyone wears a perm to conform to "society ideals" or cope with self hatred. I like to wear my hair short, therefore to make sure it lays down right a perm/relaxer is necessary.

Just because someone uses chemicals in her hair they are not going to die. Once again, many of these chemicals have been around for CENTURIES. While often caustic, if applied by a professional, they are safe. You have a better chance of dying from mixing ammonia and bleach while cleaning your bathroom than applying a chemical to your head. *Kanye Shrug*

A lot of "natural" hairstyles are gorgeous and very becoming. It's honestly amazing how strong and diverse the hair is of Black women. Why must black women be like crabs in a barrel? Always pulling down the next woman and picking her apart of wearing a perm/relaxer or wearing her hair natural. Just let that bitch live and do you!

3. Almost No One's Hair is Really Natural:

If you have one of the following your hair is not that "natural":

1. Color
2. Texturizer
3. Just about any hair product that is not completely organic

Just get over it...we all cheat...permed up, natural, weaved up, braided up....whatever.

I'm getting off my soap box now and getting ready to head to dinner with my girls. Had to get that off my chest for 2012!

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