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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Don't Be Bitter About Valentine's Day

So Valentines day is coming up and people on my Twitter timeline and Facebook news feed are already acting up.

Just because a man and woman did you wrong in the past or because your currently not in a relationship doesn't mean you should go ham, turkey, and cheese dissing the holiday or pissing and moaning about it and love. If you have done or are thinking about doing the following...stop and shut the fuck up.

1. "I'm throwing an anti-Valentine's day party."---just fucking stop...why are you making a celebration for a holiday you hate? Sounds bitter as hell to me.

2. "I'm wearing all black on Valentine's day."---get your ass on someone's couch and talk to a professional about why some loser from the past is STILL effecting your life in the present and making you miss your blessings by dedicating a whole day to hate the memory of him/her.

3. "Valentine's day is a commercialized holiday."---so is EVERY other holiday that you probably readily celebrate. Get over it. It's America...we commercialize everything.

4. "I don't believe in Valentine's day because you should treat your man/woman 365 days a year."---you should celebrate God 365, but you still celebrate Christmas right? You should be grateful for your parents 365 but you still celebrate Mother's and Father's day...what's your point? Yeah...irrelevant...

Look people it's just another holiday. If you and your loved one do it big to express love for each other on the day, so be it. Do you. If you two are laid back on the day, so be it. Do you. And if you're single this year on Valentine's day let others be happy, treat yourself because you love yourself, or proceed with life as usual, but miss me with that bitter shit.


  1. We celebrate love & honor those that love us back on this side.

  2. It's really ridiculous how people can be so strung up on a random day in the week dedicated to some random thing. In the grand scheme of things Valentine's day is as random as Groundhog day. It's crazy that on Valentine's day and Christmas the most suicides are committed


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