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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Awkward Black Girl Web Series

Today's media is plagued with ignorant shows. Now I like an ignorant show just as much as anyone else but you have to admit, after being visually force fed images of women fighting, basing their self worth off who they married/fucked/had a baby with, and hoards of other reality shows there is a need for a balance. Furthermore, these ignorant images often times feature black people and in the absence of there being a balance of postive and ignorant images of black people on television, these images paint a horrible depiction to others in society of what the black people are really about.

...and then I stumbled upon this web series and I was very pleasantly surprised. Awkward Black Girl was started by Issa Rae who felt that the shows that featured black women on television were a horrible reflection of herself and the other black women she knew. She took it upon herself to make a web series that is proving to be successful. It's not just a "black thing" it's just a good web series period.

Check out the first episode below.

I'm a fan!

For More Episodes:


  1. LOVE THIS WEB SERIES! I think she is going to go major TV network. Hope they don't water down the quality or content if she does

  2. I just watched the whole series from start to finish. It's great stuff. I wish this young lady success. The background story is a nice one and very inspiring


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