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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 BET Hip Hop Awards: Live Updating Post

So we have started doing a live updating post for award shows. Keep up to date with what Y SUGARCOAT? thinks of the ever evolving BET Hip Hop Awards below. Enjoy!

8:01PM--- In true black fashion we are already starting late huh?

8:06PM--- Now Jeezy is one of my thug passion baby daddies (T$) but no one knows this damn song bruh...what happened to Jeezy musically? What happened to that album? T.I. is the best part of this performance.

8:07--- T.I. are you "still flexing" in those sweats? I don't care who makes them are how expensive they are...maybe it's part of his parole or something...maybe they haven't gotten a chance to send his real clothes to the half way house yet...*kanye shrug*

8:10PM--- this telethon set up is a unique and funny idea!

8:11PM--- I would've def said Busta or Nicki for best 16 bars...and I don't even care for Nicki like that but she did kill her verse in Monster

8:20PM--- T$ city is on the map!!!! Tech N9ne is repping Kansas City on the first cypher!!! OOOO and Kendrick Lamar...we love him!

8:24--- Wiz Khalifa????? That man looks like a tatted up half naked Chris Rock in New Jack City running around on the stage...Amber you fuck him? Do you feed him? Anorexia swag on deck? So now we do skinny biker shorts? Skinny jean shorts?

8:40PM--- That lightskinned boy knows he can't sing and needs to stop right this instant

9:06PM--- This rapper in the cypher looks like he has 20 lbs of pubic hair for his beard

9:10PM--- This girl singing behind Lupe Fiasco has a full on burka on #dead...how you gonna get your name out? She must have thought they'd be on set in Dubai. Is this Burka related to the song? either way wtf

9:15PM--- Oh it's Erykah...her weird ass would.

9:15PM--- Dead at someone on twitter saying Lupe has those Kyle from Living Single Dreads LMAO!!!!

9:18PM--- BET I know we gotta pay the bills but really commercials about Kmart layaway? Ok then *sips ciroc and tonic*

9:19PM--- Dude rapping in French....thats tight as all hell! LMAO off at Bossip for tweeting "we wanted to press 1 for English during the French Rap"

9:23PM--- Dead at someone who tweeted "who weighs more? Wiz Khalifa or Big Sean?

9:28PM--- Does BET recognize LL Cool J every third award show? It's just seems like this happens a lot...cue the image of Nelly performing one of his songs not to long ago on an award show

9:32PM--- Back to Big Sean's peen...he has a cervic scratcher...give you a cervical biopsy, give you a hysterectomy with that peen... if the pictures that leaked were him. *sips ciroc and tonic*

9:53PM--- As expected Eminem killed that cypher.

9:55PM--- There should be a weight limit on the doing the dougie Heavy D as someone on my TL stated. Sidenote you can tell how America is fat as hell now. Heavy D isn't even that big by today's standards.

10:03--- It was just alright...Cyphers were the best part as usual...probably could've waited for the reruns


  1. Eminem KILLED everyone in the cypher. Busta was good too. I like Kendrick Lamar. I hope he goes places.

  2. Eminem just killed his interview for Actual Best Rapper Alive ! His rapping style is on a whole 'nother level...who else can see him ? Certainly not Jay, Kanye or Lil Wayne ! Wow !

  3. I can't deal with yall and the 20lbs of pubic hair LMAO!!! I also agree that Eminem murked that jawn but black people are so quick to jump on the "white rapper" bandwagon. He is NOT the best rapper of all time. That would definitely be Tupac #comeonson

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