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Monday, September 19, 2011

Men: ATL Will Swallow You Whole

There are a lot of things that men hear about the City of Atlanta. Men often hear about the male favored ratio of women to men in Atlanta (it's rumored to be 20 women to 1 man), the tons of gorgeous women in Atlanta, and their wonderful qualifications of being successful and educated. Sometimes they are told about our magnificent strip clubs, and other times they are warned about groupies and boppers in our city as wealthy men and celebrity men are part of our scenery...but did they warn these men that Atlanta will swallow you up whole if you are not careful?

Many men come to the city viewing it as a never ending bachelor party, frat house situation, and a city where gorgeous women are so plentiful you can have a "play thing" for every day of the week. Forget settling down. However you don't want to end up like the guy I saw while eating at Twist on a Sunday afternoon.

Cue the image of the 52 year old single man, wearing an affliction t-shirt, K-Swiss, a belt with a buckle so large it could make the biggest cowboy or Guido jealous, true religion jeans, and a blue tooth earpiece...still clinging to his feeble attempts to be young and be cool.

See this man was the epitome of a man swallowed alive by Atlanta. One look at this man suggest that in his "glory days" he was an attractive lady killer. He probably spent his young years "wilding" and looked up and 10 years had passed and before he even realized it, Atlanta swallowed him whole.

This is what happens when you spend your young years hoeing around, partying, and keeping women on a rotation schedule like the tires of your car. One day you look up and instead of having a wife and a family that genuinely love you, you are alone.

See, you have become the "good time old man" the old man in the club surrounded by women young enough to be his daughter. Your "stylish" clothes are a little off and out of date. You are surrounded by young women whose interest in you only goes as far as knowing if you can provide her and her girlfriends with bottle service, take her on expensive vacations, pay her bills, and shower her with luxurious gifts and shopping sprees. There is no love to be found for the trick daddy except the love of his money and when the young women are done with this old man and his money they are off to young handsome men in their own age bracket. Women his age are often the women he once dissed and ran through. They are happily married and have been out of the dating scene for years, they are not checking for him. You are not up on how the game and how it works and can fall scheme to such adversities as unknowingly wifing a "beautiful" young tranny or two.

So men of Atlanta, have fun, live life, wild out...but know your limits, know when to stop, know when to settle down, and don't get swallowed whole by Atlanta and it's razor sharp teeth. Don't become another Atlanta casualty. A washed up "OG" of the game...it only works for Hugh Hefner...and even he seems to have a sad existance (think runaway young bride).


  1. Atl is an illusion. i learned that and quickly stop clubbing got my degree and bounced. now i have a beautiful, loyal (i think) woman and as we speak she is making diner. afterwards we'll get a shower and then i will get my massage. then we'll cuddle. lol! great post ladies. nothing but truth.

  2. It sure will. Wearing Ed Hardy thinking your are pimping and shit lol

  3. Affliction tees with the diamonds and studs and eagles and bullshit. LMAO!



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