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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

bar ONE

In another edition of "Where it's At Wednesday's"...

Looks like Peter from Real Housewives of Atlanta has gotten into a new business venture since the doors of Uptown have closed, gotten new owners and management, and reinvented themselves into Harlem Nights.In the Grant Park area Peter has opened a white and black colored themed lounge called bar ONE.

This bar has a homey feel...its like being in the tricked out basement bar or nicest living room loft in the city. The place is adorned with white leather couches, a huge photo of the beautiful Cynthia Bailey, and 3D murals.

The great part is the lounge offers a full bar and Caribbean influenced tapas that are 1/2 off 5-7pm everyday! We can't wait to get our hands on some half priced pecan crusted chicken fingers!

For More Information:

bar ONE

687 Memorial Drive



  1. Sure this place will be closed down after he beats up another fat waitress like he did at the last spot

  2. What really hot mess.. With user always needing some,money ass..loser


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