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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Girl Who Doesn't Sugarcoat: Rihanna and her S&M Video

We love RiRi!  She is just so "in your face" and not sugarcoated...Y SUGARCOAT?  Watch her S&M video below....What do you think of it?

We also like when she retorted to tweets stating that she provided oral services to Eminem and Drake with "You missed a few"


  1. Thats a bad bitch right there. Real talk.

  2. She must be getting ideads from her BFF Katy P bc its very colorful jst like Katys videos.

  3. I like all the loud colors...fits her hair color and bold personality.

  4. Her sex appeal is off the charts!

  5. I wonder what she's like in real life. She seems kinda crazy. I'd still hit though!

  6. RiRi. When will you have my baby? LMAO


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