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Friday, February 4, 2011

ATL Hotness: Museum Bar

Being the socialites that we are...we got invited to the opening of a hot new bar/lounge in Atlanta called Museum Bar.


It's an 1800s-era church turned into a restaurant/ bar/ lounge. Museum's a 15000sqft, three-level, five-bar equipped with 17 crystal chandeliers, black church pews, an underground area with Gothic lamps, a bed-furnished VIP zone, and a concert stage.

Most important is the liquor! Ummm.... a 10ft-tall, cobalt blue "Vodka Bar" with 50+ clear spirits selected for their smoothness, plus specialty cocktails.

They opened lastnight! February 4th with a battle of the Dj's competition where the winner could win 1g! So check it out and for more information hit up http://www.atlantamuseumbar.com


  1. Looks pretty official. Thank you for showing me somewhere I need to check out new in ATL

  2. This is hot! I would feel a little anti Christian getting f'd up in an old church but I'm still gonna check it out!


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