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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Response Article to Tracy McMillan's Article Entitled "Why I'm Not Married"

Last week we posted an article by Tracy McMillan called "Why You're Not Married"...many of you loved it, some of you hated it, and everyone had opinions on it. Here is Jessica Ratvitz response article entitled "Why I'm Not Married (and it's not because I'm an Angry slut)." We thought this offered some very valid points from another persepctive. Read below:

"I'm not sure how it took nearly a week for her Huffington Post column, "Why You're Not Married," to land in front of me, but it finally did. And now I'm fired up -- not in an angry way but in the sort of way that made me skip to my desk, excited to type.

To hear it from the thrice-divorced McMillan, I'm 41 and not married because of one (or more?) of six reasons: I'm a bitch, a slut, a liar, shallow, selfish or not good enough.

Wow. Is that all? Maybe I smell, too. "

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  1. I read both article. I agreed with Tracy's article you posted last week and I also agree with this one. Too often do women internalize why a man does not want them. I do think people should reflect on why they aren't accomplishing things in their life including relationships and marriage but at the same token I know a lot of women who were close to marriage, married, or engaged and the relationship didn't work out because the guy cheated etc. I don't think that the Tracy McMillan article was not meant towards the women who are not married bc of circumstance and not their behavior

  2. Yeah was McMillian fucking serious? I mean there are things wrong with men in today's society to. I don't think females should have to hold the bag because of men's mistakes


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