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Friday, April 6, 2012

What Casual Sex Means About You

Casual sex. I'm sure most people have had it at some point in their lives so I'm not judging. However, past a certain age and making it a habit...not a good look. I'm sick of the term. I have no clue who made it up but the people who embrace it seem to use it a lot in correlation with words like liberation, and phrases like "Women can do it too," "I'm young," and "It's just sex," but realistically...it means you don't value yourself and you are not a hot commodity. This holds the same for women and men. Let me break it down for you all here.


If you are not turning down pu$$y then you need to step your game up. A man who has his life together has hoards of women throwing themselves at him, hence he can pick and choose who he sleeps with. In the back of his mind he knows of some grade A women he could be having sex with instead of a random dusty broad offering him sex and an STD as casually as someone passing samples out at Sam's Club. He can say "Naw ma I'm good," to the random broad who used money from her child's pampers budget on club entry and is staring at him longingly. Matter of fact, this guy has so many grade A options he knows he doesn't have to sleep with any and everything. So men, if you are casually smashing anything with two legs that are shaved an an orifice you are not "winning" you are loosing.


There is no such thing as casual sex. When we have sex with a man he physically goes INSIDE our bodies near organs that we need to survive and procreate. There ain't nothing casual about that bitch. Casual sex is for people who have clearance rack pu$$y. When you have casual sex with men they equate the worth of you and your pu$$y to something along the likes of the free cufflinks that come with a colgne purchase. Have you ever heard of Versace having a 50% off sale? No...because Versace is a major fashion label. Versace will never go on sale and is never given away for free unless it is to a celebrity who inturn puts in work by uping the label's sales with this amazing free advertisement...in essence, the celebrity works for Versace.

Casual sex is the reason there is a large influx in vaginal rejuvination procedures, because you broads want to let a random beat it out the frame after the club for a Waffle House waffle (top notch hoes get the most not the lesser...oh you got an orange juice too...you special bitch! smh). Then the same broads like to run and tell everyone how sexually liberated they are and feminism this and that. No bitch, you don't have much self worth. Stop putting your vagina on discount or giving it away for free like pigs in a blanket with a toothpick in them at Kroger.

At the end of the day, when you lay down with someone you ALWAYS run the risk of a few NON-CASUAL things resulting which are but are not limited to:

  • Baby

  • STDs

  • Emotions

  • So there you have it kids. If you think it's cute past the experimentation age (teens-very early 20s) to have casual sex then you probably ain't shit.

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    1. Clearance rack pussy is the best description! You are so right, females need a liberated 2012 woman excuse to hoe out. At the end of the day if you have a lot of casual sex you're a slut


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