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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAMN SALLIE MAE: Sallie Mae Personified

While surfing the web I came across this video by DORMTAINMENT.COM that outlines the perils of taking large student loans and personifies Sallie Mae.

While funny, this video sheds light on the high cost of getting a college education. At the young and financially immature age of 18 years old, many of today's youth sign their names on the hearty finanical binding contracts that outline financial aid. In addition, many of these young people assume that there is not much reason to worry about taking lofty sums of money from the government for education because their degrees will allow them to easily pay back the money owed at a later date.

If you ask most college freshman on a campus where they hope to be in 10 years, their dreams will most likely include high paying jobs, husbands, wives, houses, children, and cars. However, the reality is that many college graduates are living in poverty or pay check to pay check struggling to pay life's day to day bills yet alone pay large amounts in student loan payments.

Do you think this video could be education to the young adult who is financially immature? Do you think Sallie Mae's personification in this video was accurate?

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