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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Epic Fail: "Mistress of Atlanta" TV Series in the Works?

According to tweets of the popular stripper/rapper arm candy Maliah Michel, a pilot for a show entitled “Mistresses of Atlanta,” is being shot and possibly coming to a TV near you soon.


It seems like now days the only way to watch a good television show starring actors with talent is to pay exorbitant fees for HBO or other premium channels. It’s bad enough to be bombarded with reality shows that feature African-American women who pride themselves on who they procreate with, whose man has the most money, getting into fist fights, and other various embarrassing debacles…this show is sure to be the whipped cream with the sprinkles on top of the cake of embarrassment. Furthermore, it is television shows like these that feature a predominately Black cast that help perpetuate the worst kinds of stereotypes about African-American women and men. Television stations are constantly increasing the shock value of reality shows to increase their popularity which often times means the ignorance level must increase as well.

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