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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Mama Drama

What's up. I wanted to run this situation by you all and ask do you think its triffling or what you think I should do. My baby mama told me my daughter needed a new pair of kicks for school so I sent $100 home with my daughter so her mama could get them for her. Fast forward today. I pick my daughter up from school and she has on a pair of walmart sneakers so I ask her "where are your new shoes?" she responds "these are my new shoes daddy." I know those shoes were probably no more than $20. Her mama probably used the extra money to get her hair and stuff done. I'm sick of it. She has my daughter in raggedy clothes from cheap places but when she hits the streets she looks like a million dollars. How can I stop this from happening?

That sounds like your baby mama may be using you as a piggy bank. While I feel a woman is entitled to financial help after having a man's child, I do not feel she is entitled to abuse the funds...they should be used for her child and the lifestyle of the child. It's horrible when you say you are always giving her money only to have your daughter returned to you looking like a pauper and her mom looking like a Ferragamo ad in Vogue magazine. While I am no family attorney let me give you advice of what my friend who has a baby mama did to help "ensure" his money was being used on his daughter.

1. Pay You Child Support On Time:
While you have no control over what your baby mama does with this money, I would hate to see your daughter go without. Sorry...not much can be done in this department.

2. Gift Card Control System:
When your baby mama ask for extras like "Lil' Woman needs some new sneakers" get a gift card to footlocker. This ensures the money must be spent there. It makes it harder for her to buy your daughter cheap stuff and use the remainder of the money for her own lifestyle.

3. Daddy Buy It: When your baby mama ask you for extras just say "ok that's fine, I'll stop by the store and pick it up for her." This also is a way to make sure the money goes directly to your child.

It's definitely a sticky subject, but I think you can still be a parent to your daughter and ensure she is taken care of and has the things she needs.


  1. Why on earth would you give her $100 and just hope she buys your daughter nice shoes with it? Especially if your daughter has been looking a mess in the past? #dumb

  2. or don't have babies with dumb bitches. I'm sick of guys so readily to make a woman a mother before they are to make a woman a wife

  3. I saw on your FB status that someone mentioned buying things on credit. Good idea


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