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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Siya is Fiyah!!!

Check out this new female Emcee! She's killing it!

Siya---- Where Were You

WHERE WERE YOU by ysugarcoat
Is it fire or what?!
Yeah she's killing
It's alright
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  1. She is dope...and sexy in her own way

  2. Im feelin her man, she need to go ahead and come out so we dont hear Niki Minaj all day every day...I can see her goin far n tha game tho. Keep pushin ma u a star!

  3. her delivery sounds good

  4. where did yall find her at?!!! I want to hear more of her music!!

  5. Two thumbs up from me

  6. Does she have any more music? fuk it im a just google her ass! lol

  7. Does she like woman or men? Not that it matters im just trying to get a feel for her image is all. She seem pretty straight though.

  8. I wonder how receptive the industry will be to a real emcee. Seems like you have to be over sexed to be in the industry now (Lil' Kim and Fox) that's why Eve didn't last bc she was too real. She wasn't just being raunchy to get fame. I don't know if the industry or consumers are ready for the real deal.


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