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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hotties of the Week (Guys and Dolls)

A little mid-week eye candy for the Ladies and Gentleman....And they are BLAZING!

If you would know someone or would like to be hottie of the week please submit your pictures to us at YSUGARCOAT@gmail.com!

Trevonte from Nashville, TN

Denise from Brooklyn, NY


  1. That guy is fine as hell!

  2. The girl looks like a mexican rat. I don't think she's pretty. How about putting up a brown skinned girl for a change? Looks like yall have a color complex. The guy is light and so is the girl

  3. ^^^ OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SUCH A HATER! She is gorgeous! Why does everything have to be a light skinned dark skinned issue?! STFD!


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