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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Angry Black Woman: Personification Through a Pepsi Commerical

This commercial aired during the Super Bowl and is considered to be highly controversial. So much so that Pepsi is pulling the commercial. It is said that this commercial plays into stereotypes that Black women are angry, controlling, and combative...basically the definition of the word "shrew." Check it out below:

Do you think the commercial is offensive and plays into stereotypes of black women being angry shrews?

We personally feel there are things that project black women in a WAY WORSE light on television, yet no one gets as angry about those? Why is that? Do you agree or disagree? Why?


  1. A little stereotypical but yall r rite...there is way worse out there

  2. Plz tell me you noticed how he was looking at the white girl like she was "better" I am highly offended. Sending subliminal messages to everyone. For the record I am offended by the "way worse" things too. I think we should all be offended by anything stereotypical. It should not have a stereotypical severity level. All stereotypes are bad stereotypes


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