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Monday, February 14, 2011

...and The Worst Dressed: Grammy's 2011

Rihanna channeled the Michelin Tire Man's wife, Nicki Minaj decided to swag jack Lady Gaga since she is beefed out with Lil' Kim, Willow's stylist and parents are responsible for this foolery, Ciara stepped off the set of a Sci-Fi film and had no time to change before hitting the red carpet and Gram'ma Funk decided to show us all that obese girls can be burlequse dancers too! See below:


  1. LMAO @Ciara looking like a sci-fi movie

  2. Gram'ma Funk can still fill the dancefloor and should have won the Grammy for her Andy Caldwell and Wolfgang Gartner track Funk Nasty


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