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Friday, June 8, 2012

Lawsuit Time: Gay Men Want in Alpha Kappa Alpha

Today as I browsed the internet, I came across several articles and various comments of inflamed nature discussing how homosexual men, known as MIAKA's (there is a unofficial chapter at Texas A&M), are gearing up to file a law suit against Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc. in search of retribution for not being allowed as members into their SORORITY. I'm not even greek but here's my issue I have with this:

 1. Love the gay community and have many gay friends but just because your gay doesn't mean you get special rights (cue the article about men wearing dresses to class at Morehouse....bitch there is a dress code in life, I can't wear a bikini to class because I want sun, I have to dress a certain way at work or a white table cloth restaurant or to fly first class...get over it. Gay means equal rights NOT special rights.

 2. Greek organizations have a selection process, just like any broad can't be in any sorority because the members get to PICK and CHOOSE who they want in their sorority, they can do the same for you as well.

 3. I honestly think it would be better if they focused on starting groups that dealt with homophobic discrimination, preventing bullying and stereotypes, and equality than running around trying to shake their hair, wear pink and green, making ivys, calling themselves pretty girls, and be involved in a SISTERHOOD as men!

 4. Just stick with and evolve your MIAKA chapter. Perhaps it could become something bigger than an imitation of another organization and serve in some capacity as a social outlet for gay youth in college.


  1. Ummm no to #4. "miAKA" stands for "Men Interested in AKA... they should not be affiliated with my sorority!! Sorry!! It's for WOMEN... a sacred sisterhood. They need to create something else!! Deltas that branched off from AKA didn't say "diAKA" or some other nonsense!!

  2. Ok much like the Boy Scouts, the D9 are a private organization, by law. They do not have to allow those men to join. This will get kicked out of court.


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