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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Halle Berry: My Daughter is Black

Recently Halle Berry has gotten "mixed" reviews on her decision to call her biracial daughter Black. Here are our thoughts. What do you think? Comment!


  1. Yeah she should say that baby is biracial

  2. As a mixed man from southern Louisiana, I feel you should claim your heritage but not on false claims. I live and express as a black man and do not practice any of the other three but I acknowledge the others! She should express mixed then if she practices both or neutral cultures, then she can stay mixed!

  3. Well I think saying mixed depends on what your definition is. There are a lot of black people who love to list about 12 different ethnicities. I say you are what both of your parents are. Hence black and white then you are mixed but stating I am 1/3 Cherokee, 1/3 Creole, 1/3 black is stupid. *kanye shrug*

  4. Agreed just say what you practice


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